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Optical Image Technology's DocFinity suite of integrated workflow, imaging, and document management software helps businesses reduce paper, streamline processes, and improve productivity. We serve customers across the globe in all markets including healthcare, insurance, education, and financial services helping them to achieve greater performance. DocFinity software integrates seamlessly with line-of-business applications to maximize the use of existing business information. Products include document imaging, electronic forms, e-mail management, workflow, robust Web services, and more. Businesses aligned with DocFinity can save time and money while yielding maximum efficiency.

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Whitepaper: Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Goes Digital With DocFinity

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityApr 01, 2010

This case study shows how Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center used Optical Image Technology's DocFinity browser-based document management software to improve organizational efficiency, patient services, and reduce costs. The solution addressed the challenges of cost-efficiently managing scattered patient documentation and the need to comply with stringent government regulations. Integration with the AWARE patient tracking system is also featured.

Whitepaper: When Workflow Doesn't Work: A Troubleshooting Guide

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityJun 01, 2010

This article helps readers to identify when their business process automation and/or workflow software isn't performing as it should. Specific troubleshooting tips help the reader to isolate problems and identify if action should be taken.

Whitepaper: Using Your ECM System To Simplify RAC Audits

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityApr 01, 2009

This article discusses RAC audits for healthcare and shows how enterprise content management facilitates successful audits. Information storage, retrieval, access, security, and enhancing patient care by interfacing with EHR/EMR records are discussed.

Whitepaper: Using ECM Software to Stay Afloat in Hard Times

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityNov 01, 2008

To remain profitable and competitive during difficult economic times, it is wise to re-evaluate your processing abilities. Are your operations running at peak efficiency?

It may seem counterintuitive to consider implementing enterprise content management (ECM) software at a time when logic dictates that you rein in your spending. However, by investing in high-performance ECM software now, you can position yourself with the tools that you need to thrive during uncertain financial times. Initiatives that you take during lean times will leave you poised to surpass your competition when the economic picture turns.

This article shares ways organizations can use ECM to increase efficiency; offer cost-effective, cutting-edge services; improve compliance; leverage other technologies; and get ahead of the competition, especially in hard times.

Whitepaper: Using BPM And Workflow To Drive Work Efficiently Across The Enterprise

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityJul 01, 2009

This article provides a series of questions business managers and owners should ask when they are considering automating routine business processes using a BPM/workflow solution. The benefits of process automation are discussed, as well as some potential traps to avoid as you select a solution.

Whitepaper: Using Barcodes to Improve Insurance Processes

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityJun 06, 2008

Throughout the insurance industry, barcodes offer many benefits. They can help expedite backfile conversions, improve processing of current documents, and even initiate electronic workflow processes. When your document management software has the ability to integrate with your claims management system, you can be assured that indexing is always accurate and up-to-date. Bar codes can ensure that new business correspondence is associated with a policy number. Retrieval is dramatically improved, and the return on investment (ROI) is typically realized in very little time. Implementation of barcode technology usually results in the ability to process more work without adding staff. This article addresses the use of barcodes to reduce the need for manual indexing; enable easier scanning of large batches of documents; facilitate processing, coupling barcode reading with digital business process management and workflow; and more.

Whitepaper: Underwriting Just Got Easier: Technology Integration at Unitrin Direct Enhances Customer Service

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityOct 15, 2007

Unitrin Direct, an insurer that sells direct-to-consumer automobile insurance nationwide, had a vision to significantly expedite services and increase efficiency with integrated technologies. They began by automating the processing of returned mail, incomplete customer submissions, and collection of signatures required on underwriting documents. Integration of DocFinity document management and digital workflow software with their third-party automated call system, policy management software, third-party capture and indexing provider, claims management system, and data review criteria stored on their web page dramatically increased efficiency. The company was awarded the 2008 IASA Technology Achievement Award for their innovation and success.

Whitepaper: The Top 5 Ways ECM Can Help You Avoid An Annoying Co-worker

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityJun 01, 2009

This article discusses ways that enterprise content management technology helps workers who are striving for efficiency to avoid inherent delays and errors made when interacting with people. ECM technology forces consistency and enforces timelines and other rules; this article explains how.

Whitepaper: The Top 5 Ways ECM Can Help You Avoid An Annoying Co-worker

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityJun 01, 2009

This article discusses interoffice relationships and gives tips for using enterprise content management to address typical barriers to office productivity. Its light-hearted discussion of common workplace issues deals with real problems that can negatively affect productivity, and shows how to address them effectively. Electronic access to documents, business process management, and integration are highlighted.

Whitepaper: Sustainable Government: Five Ways ECM Can Help You To Be Lean, Clean, And Green

by Optical Image Technology - DocFinityApr 02, 2009

Government has a tremendous responsibility to lead by example. Nowhere is this truer than in its efforts to lead the way with sustainable business. This article shows how government agencies can operate their agencies in efficiently, be environmentally proactive, save money, and improve constituent services by managing documents and work digitally with ECM.