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Blue Coat Systems is the technology leader in application delivery networking. Distributed enterprises view the network and business-enabling applications as critical to their success. Unfortunately, they are struggling to keep pace in a rapidly changing business environment which can compromise their competitiveness. Blue Coat offers an Application Delivery Network Infrastructure that provides the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere. Unlike competitive offerings, Blue Coat offers unmatched visibility into the performance and security of business applications and web traffic running across the networks of the distributed enterprise, which provides the comprehensive application and user control required to contain costs, enhance business productivity and respond quickly to changing business requirements. Blue Coat has an aggressive strategy and solution roadmap to advance the integration of visibility, acceleration and security technologies at the heart of the Application Delivery Network.

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Whitepaper: Innovation for the Cloud Generation

by Blue CoatMay 12, 2016

Did you know that 1 in 10 cloud-based files contain regulated data, including PII, PCI, PHI and source code? This Blue Coat guide helps you identify and address the unexpected risks of the "cloud generation."

Whitepaper: Maintaining Compliance for the Cloud Generation

by Blue CoatMay 12, 2016

How do you maintain cloud-data compliance in an era of popular file-sharing apps? In the 2H of 2015, Elastica, a Blue Coat Company, analyzed over 63 million documents. Learn the critical steps to prevent data leakage.

Whitepaper: DON'T GET LOST IN THE CLOUD -- 10 Tips for Protecting Data in the Cloud

by Blue CoatApr 01, 2016

What's the best approach to cloud migration? Relying on your cloud service provider for data protection and compliance may not be enough. But, you can't just write off cloud services due to security concerns. Get solid advice here.

Whitepaper: Top 5 Questions Answered On How To Best Protect Your Data In The Cloud

by Blue CoatApr 01, 2016

As more and more organizations adopt cloud services, it's essential to maintain a consistent level of security to protect data. There is no silver bullet. But there are some basic cloud security components. Find out now!

Whitepaper: 2015 Shadow Data Report

by Blue CoatApr 01, 2016

Elastica Cloud Threat Labs 2015 Shadow Data report provides actionable insights into key trends and challenges in securing cloud apps and services and the business critical data stored in them.

Whitepaper: How to Solve Data Residency, Privacy and Security issues in the Cloud

by Blue CoatApr 01, 2016

This white paper details the potential issues to consider before using cloud services and how technologies, such as encryption and tokenization, can enable enterprises to safely adopt the cloud and adhere to all appropriate guidelines.

Whitepaper: Securing Cloud Applications & Services

by Blue CoatApr 01, 2016

The cloud creates new risks and compliance issues for organizations already struggling with traditional threats. Get Blue Coat's new E-Book, "Securing Cloud Applications & Services."

Whitepaper: SANS A Proactive Response to Incident Response

by Blue CoatNov 20, 2015

Incident response (IR) costs skyrocket every year as the number of breaches increases. Worse, most industry professionals agree that it's not a matter of if but when a compromise will occur for any organization of suitable size or value, which means IR costs will only continue to rise. Whether it's paying for credit monitoring or to reissue affected credit cards, follow-up activities are expensive. They are also brand damaging. Nobody wants to be remembered as the next "largest breach to date."

Whitepaper: Blue Coat Systems 2015 Mobile Malware Report

by Blue CoatNov 02, 2015

With mobile usage at an all time high, malware attacks are also on the rise. This report describes the latest trends and vulnerabilities in mobile malware, provides advice for strengthening corporate defenses and educating mobile device users, and offers predictions about the future of mobile threats

Whitepaper: Gartner: Five Styles of Advance Threat Defense

by Blue CoatAug 03, 2015

There's a new wave of innovation in security technology, according to Gartner. Find out how to evaluate and choose among the new options for protecting your enterprise against today's advanced threats.