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Webcast: Digitizing Insurance: Best Practices

by Wipro ConsultingAug 13, 2013

While many insurance firms have made headway in improving some business processes with document management and content management systems, these systems are typically siloed and don?t address the strategic challenges of supporting enterprise-wide agility and providing consistent customer experience across the organization. Instead, insurers continue to manage disparate document management systems that lack the functionality to simplify the document stream for the entire business.

Whitepaper: How the Indian IT Industry can cope with the US recession

by Wipro ConsultingMar 11, 2008

The US downturn is slowly but surely redefining the Indian IT paradigm. If there was a major watershed in the Indian IT Industry post Y2K, this is it. After the dizzying growth of the last 10 years, it is time to pause, reflect and realign strategies. If the Indian software industry has to survive, then it needs to adapt to the changing market scenarios quickly.

This paper outlines a few key ideas that can be implemented to deal with the US downturn, and ensure the survival of the