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Q3 Storage Security back up tape encryption appliance: Provides complete security for backup tapes without affecting performance and Q3i tape drive with built in encryption. Simple and non-intrusive. Installation in minutes.

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Whitepaper: Best Practices for Choosing and Implementing a Storage Encryption Solution

by Bosanova Q3 Storage Security EncryptionJan 01, 2008

Backup tapes are produced to allow you to easily restore your data within your service-level timeframes if the original data is lost or corrupted. In a real disaster recovery (DR) crisis, any complexity or additional steps required when restoring your data must be minimized.

Once you decide that a solution is required in order to meet regulatory or good business governance requirements you must choose between a single platform or a corporate-wide solution.

Whitepaper: What You Need To Know About Encryption With V6R1

by Bosanova Q3 Storage Security EncryptionJan 01, 2008

There are many changes in V6R1 from V5R4 and it will take time to fully comprehend and understand the implications of them all. Based on briefings and COMMON presentations from IBM, we�ve outlined some important points to consider if you�re considering implementing V6R1 for tape encryption.

IBM clearly understands that drive based encryption is not suitable for all users due to the complexity and costs associated with it. For more details, see our article 'LTO4 with Encryption � Why it might not be what you expect.' Due to the pressure that is now being put on organizations to secure all sensitive data, and particularly the requirements to meet PCI DSS, meant that IBM needed to look for other ways to help users meet their needs.

V6R1 is the first release of i5OS to offer built-in software tape encryption and many people have understandably held off from making a decision on how to encrypt their sensitive data being written to tape until the implications of V6R1 were known.

V6R1 also offers file level encryption on the disk storage and this may lead people to believe that this is the "total solution" they are looking for.

Whitepaper: 6 Common Misconceptions about Compromised Backup Tapes

by Bosanova Q3 Storage Security EncryptionJan 01, 2008

Every time there is a reported incident of a company losing backup tapes, the standard response given by the press office seems to go along the lines of "Because our system is proprietary you can't read data from the tapes without very expensive hardware and software technology, and a similar host environment." This essentially says to the affected customers whose data was on the tapes that they need not worry about it.

What's the reality behind this statement? It portrays the company as taking all steps reasonably possible to protect the sensitive information contained on the "lost media." It also has the hand wringing affect of "what else could we have been expected to do." But is this a reasonable response?

This article demonstrates that these statements are unrealistic and unacceptable and show a complete lack of understanding of the security implications. We go on to explain the common misconceptions regarding compromised backup tapes and the reality of the risks involved.

Whitepaper: Encryption Methods for Protecting Data

by Bosanova Q3 Storage Security EncryptionJan 01, 2008

Encryption is a tool that may be used in a centralized data pool in a tape environment. It is not a panacea; improper implementation and use of data encryption may only provide an illusion of security. Inadequate understanding of encryption applications and data encryption could deter the utilization of other required protection techniques. However, with proper management controls, adequate implementations specifications and applicable usage guidelines, data encryption will not only aid in protection data communications but can provide protection for a myriad of specific data processing applications.