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Whitepaper: A Column Generation Algorithm For Choice-Based Network Revenue Management

by New York UniversityJan 01, 2008

This paper explains the choice-based, deterministic, linear programming model (CDLP) of Gallego and the follow-up dynamic programming (DP) decomposition heuristic of van Ryzin and Liu and focuses on the more general version of these models, where customers belong to overlapping segments. To solve the CDLP for real-size networks, one needs to develop a column generation algorithm. This paper proposes a simple, greedy heuristic to overcome the complexity of an exact algorithm which show that the heuristic is quite effective and that the overall approach has good practical potential and leads to high quality solutions.

Whitepaper: Service Level Differentiation in Call Centers With Fully Flexible Servers

by New York UniversityJan 01, 2008

The authors study large-scale service systems with multiple customer classes and many statistically identical servers. The authors tackle this question by characterizing scheduling and staffing schemes that are asymptotically optimal in the limit, as system load grows to infinity. The asymptotic regimes considered are consistent with the Efficiency Driven (ED), Quality Driven (QD) and Quality and Efficiency Driven (QED) regimes, first introduced in the context of a single class service system.

Whitepaper: A Platform for Affective Agent Research

by New York UniversityJan 01, 2008

Most computational agents show expressive behaviors, often via facial movements or various gestures. Affective expressions have been argued to be useful to help make agents ""Believable"". Expressive behaviors have additionally been associated with useful outcomes such as making agents likeable. This research paper explains the benefit of applying channel knowledge at the transmitter is investigated for Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum (MC-SS) systems. Two different MC-SS systems are observed, namely uplink Multi-Carrier Code-Division Multiple-Access (MCCDMA) and Spread-Spectrum Multi-Carrier Multiple-Access (SSMC- MA).

Whitepaper: Tips on Securing Your Windows Computer in Insecure Times

by New York UniversityJan 01, 2008

The research paper from New York University gives tips on securing the windows computer. It seems as though every time one turn on the radio or television these days one hears about a new computer worm or virus. Most of these programs target Windows machines - the most popular platform - and infections can spread quickly and cause a great deal of damage. This paper outlines a few simple steps that every person running a Windows computer should take to protect his or her computer against infection.