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Whitepaper: PDF Accessibility: Regulations, Risks, Solutions for Compliance

by ActuateSep 30, 2014

Financial and other institutions are required to provide customer documents in accessible formats. This white paper, co-authored with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), discusses applicable legislation and recent litigation cases. It also suggests best practices for compliance and for providing accessible account statements and other electronic documents to customers with vision loss. In conclusion, the paper focuses on a solution for overcoming the challenges associated with meeting document accessibility requirements.

Webcast: Maximizing the Value of Core Systems With Customer Portals

by ActuateAug 01, 2014

With the demand for digital interaction increasing daily, insurers know they have to deliver relevant policy information to their customers and agents on-demand through many preferred channels, including the call center, web, mobile devices, and soon wearable devices. The customers expect seamless access to information across the P/C, life, and health insurance spectrum. For carriers, this creates a competitively defining moment of truth as systems falter due to limited functionality and cost prohibitive enhancements are required.  Current limitations result in inconsistent, potentially inaccurate, and frustrating, agent and customer experiences. Leaders have delivered individualized user experiences on the front end with access to relevant information by deploying a responsive, affordable back end.

 Join this webcast to:

  •  Hear as The Nolan Company’s Chad Hersh describes how to leverage customer portals to provide a common customer experience across systems and reduce the pain of core systems transformation projects
  •  Find out from The Nolan Company's Steve Callahan how the volume, velocity,  varieity, and veracity of information has proliferated, bringing increased customer and agent demands as well as risks
  •  Learn more about how companies are handling the converging demands of core systems upgrades, customer and agent information requirements, and the meaningful collection, distillation, and presentation of key information

Webcast: Tools for Analytics and Data Visualization: How to Build Cool Content Quickly

by ActuateAug 06, 2013

Every day developers are tasked with creating impossible applications with complicated requirements and expected to deliver results in a short amount of time.

Join us to understand why BIRT should be an integral part of your data visualization development environment. We will show you how to build "cool" content quickly so you can free up cycles to meet all of your application's requirements for presenting structured and unstructured data over the web and delivering scalable rich data visualizations.

View this web seminar to learn how to:

� Easily incorporate world-class web-centric analytic content into applications without the need for time-consuming custom code
� Use a drag-and-drop visual design environment to create information-driven content based on a wide variety of sources, including your application, live feeds and legacy data
� Collaborate with the BIRT community's 2.5 million developers

Whitepaper: Wisdom of Crowds: Business Intelligence Market Study

by ActuateAug 04, 2013

Take a look at Howard Dresner's 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence market study with in-depth market analysis, 80 charts and tables and 23 vendor rankings. Howard Dresner spent 13 years at Gartner Research, where he was responsible for the BI Magic Quadrants and conferences.

The Wisdom of the Crowds study is unique in that the findings are completely crowd-sourced from actual BI users, implementers and purchasers. This year's study shows that SaaS/Cloud, Dashboards, and Mobile Device Support have increased significantly in terms of importance. Read on to find out where BI is headed!

Demo: ActuateOne for OEMs

by ActuateJan 15, 2013

Learn how ActuateOne can help OEMs deliver the rich information applications customers demand, increase the value of ISV applications and gain competitive advantage.

Whitepaper: Leveraging Open Source

by ActuateJan 14, 2013

Read this white paper to learn why Actuate's Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) Open Source solution has become one of the most robust and web-centric Open Source Business Intelligence tools today. We invite you to download this white paper today!

Whitepaper: Selecting a Framework for Rich Internet Applications

by ActuateJan 14, 2012

This white paper examines the latest trends in RIA technology and discusses which RIA technology, or mix of technologies, makes sense for your organization. We invite you to download this white paper today!

Whitepaper: Forrester Wave: Open Source Business Intelligence

by ActuateOct 01, 2011

Open source software and BI are two related market segments where Forrester sees continually increasing interest and adoption levels. BI specifically continues to be one of the top priorities on everyone's mind.

Comparing open source BI technologies is often an apples-to-oranges comparison: 1) not all vendors include the same functionality in the free community versions of the software versus commercial open source versions that carry license and/or support cost, 2) some tools offer full BI suites, while others offer just reporting and analytics. Download Forrester's evaluation of open source BI vendors and learn why Actuate BIRT led the pack due to its richness of reporting functionality.

Whitepaper: 2011 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

by ActuateOct 01, 2011

A new era of Business Intelligence is unfolding with users buying and deploying BI either with or without cooperation from IT. Because of this shift, users now have many choices and need to make the best decision when it comes to BI features, functionality and price. Stay up to date on the ever-changing BI market by reviewing the findings of the 2011 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study. Howard Dresner, report author and worldwide authority on BI, shares the latest market trends and provides true insight in to what is happening in the BI arena today. In addition, read why Actuate/BIRT is in the top position and how it exceeded its peer group and the overall sample average for all Technical Support and Product metrics by a wide margin.

Read to find out:

� The best approach to selecting a BI solution that is easy to buy, fast to deploy and simple to use

� How to take a more active role in planning, managing and evolving your BI portfolio

� Why Actuate is named the Leader in the Open Source Business Intelligence Vendor category

Whitepaper: Tips and Tools for Automating Excel Spreadsheets

by ActuateOct 01, 2009

Over 250 million people know how to use Microsoft Excel. Because so many end users are comfortable with using Excel for reviewing data and for conducting "what-if" analysis, delivering reports in spreadsheet format is a common requirement for reporting projects.

Download this whitepaper to learn key tips and tools for deploying a fast and cost-effective method of automating Excel spreadsheet manipulation, thereby, reducing potential costly mistakes.