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Whitepaper: SilkTest For Test Automation

by XBOSoftMay 01, 2007

Borland SilkTest is one of the most popular tools in software test automation. SilkTest uses a scripting language called 4Test, so using the tool beyond simple recording requires programming skill and experience, especially when designing scripts that are efficient and easy to maintain for testing enterprise applications, which often run on multiple platforms. In this white paper, XBOSoft presents a general framework when using SilkTest to do automation testing and three valuable tips developed by XBOSoft, plus examples, for writing high-quality SilkTest scripts.

Whitepaper: Transforming LoadRunner Data Into Information And Action

by XBOSoftMay 01, 2007

Today�s online Web applications need to deliver high efficiency and stability while supporting thousands of users simultaneously. Rather than going live and hoping for the best, it�s better to test applications beforehand in a test environment. HP�s LoadRunner can help do this by simulating hundreds or thousands of concurrent users applying workloads to a system using relatively few hardware resources. With LoadRunner, a tester can divide performance testing requirements into end user scenarios that replace human users with virtual users (Vusers) and emulate the actions of real users working with an application through a recorded script file. LoadRunner�s Vusers generate result data as they perform their scripted transactions. After execution of the script, LoadRunner utilizes the data to generate graphs and reports which can be used to analyze and assess the performance of the application under various load scenarios. LoadRunner, however, has limitations. When testers need information that goes beyond the standard reports or want to do detailed analysis, accessing LoadRunner data is cumbersome. For example, executing the same script and scenario multiple times to do trending analysis or results verification requires the time consuming extraction of raw data from LoadRunner�s results files.