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Founded in 1987, ARX is a worldwide provider of digital signatures (standard electronic signatures) and data-security solutions for financial, commercial, legal, and government sectors. ARX offers a wide range of high-end, state-of-the-art products and services designed to simplify, seal, secure, and accelerate digital transactions anytime, anywhere. The company specializes in designing and implementing quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use digital signature and security solutions.

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Whitepaper: The Directory-Enabled PKI Appliance: Digital Signatures Made Simple

by ARX, Inc.Feb 15, 2007

This paper presents a novel approach for a PKI-based digital signature system for documents in an enterprise setting. A centralized appliance securely stores users' private signing keys. The appliance interfaces with the existing enterprise directory to automatically provision users' keys and certificates. Users authenticate to the appliance using their existing directory credentials in order to access their signing keys. Client applications send document hash values to the appliance to be

Whitepaper: ClinPhone Complies with FDA Regulations Using CoSign Electronic Signatures

by ARX, Inc.Sep 01, 2006

ClinPhone, the world's leading provider of Clinical Technology Services was seeking an electronic signature solution that would meet with stringent regulations to ensure the accountability and data integrity of sensitive internal documents. In addition, the company sought to obtain a significant competitive advantage by reducing the time-to-approval process, and reduce costs by introducing a paperless office environment. Using CoSign Standard Electronic Signatures meant that signed documents