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Founded in 1996, Skura has grown into an international company with over 50 satisfied customers in 22 countries. Skura clients have benefited from our unique value proposition as a provider of Closed-Loop Marketing, Business Intelligence and full CRM solutions. As a recognized leader of software solutions and services, Skura continues to earn an envied reputation in process design, as well as technical development and support of Oracle technologies.

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Whitepaper: Master Data Management: MDM Wins The Most Eligible Bachelor Award

by Skura CorporationJun 26, 2008

Getting a multimillion dollar project off the ground is never an easy task. Your Master Data Management (MDM) solution is no different. Maybe you�ve done an incredible amount of research on the topic, and are wondering how to justify this major project. Maybe you�ve put together some numbers, and are looking for ways to either cut back on the estimates, or possibly separate it out into a phased approach. Maybe you�ve only got a vague idea of what all the MDM hype is about. This paper will go over some of the basics surrounding MDM itself, and will concentrate on how to couple it with some of the other projects which may already have momentum within your organization.