Emtec is an Information Technology (IT) Solutions Provider serving the commercial, education, federal, state, and local government marketplaces. Founded in 1964, Emtec's 40+ year track record of delivering premier IT solutions has enabled its clients to increase their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness by better utilizing their data.

Our Mission
Emtec is dedicated to optimizing our client's technology infrastructure to support their organizational, financial and service level objectives.

Areas of specialization include Enterprise Architecture, Data Management and Storage, Data Center Infrastructure, and Consulting and Integration Services.

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Whitepaper: Services Based Delivery of Virtual Applications: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Traditional Virtualization Strategies

by EmtecJun 13, 2008

More often than not, companies jump into virtualization strategies with little knowledge or experience as to what value a broader approach could do for their organization. As a result, they are often disappointed when the cost-savings and efficiencies don?t materialize according to plan. Even those organizations that achieve real savings by effectively reducing their hardware footprints and the associated power, cooling and floor space, often leave significant financial opportunities on

Whitepaper: Not All Data is Created Equal: Designing and Managing a Tiered Storage Environment

by EmtecJun 13, 2008

Demands for storage capacity have been exponentially increasing across multiple industries, and IT departments are too rapidly reacting to these demands?purchasing hardware and software before assessing what they actually need.

While IT departments will likely need to invest in some additional storage during this time, it is critical they first get a real handle on the storage assets that they already have before engaging in reactive spending. In far too many cases, storage