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Surf Communication Solutions provides hardware and software 3G-H.324M compliant products, including DSP boards and voip chips with G.729 codec transcoding, resource boards and development platforms, that drive high-capacity distribution of triple play voip, video and modem & fax applications for developers of media gateway, media server and IMS equipment manufacturers in the telecom infrastructure field. DSP Chips: DSP Solution for Media over Packet Triple Play Telecom based on Texas Instruments' DSP generation. SurfRider Boards: AMC and PMC/PTMC Form Factors Supporting Voice, Video, Fax and Modem Conversion Engines for High-Capacity. Development Tools: Development platform enables convergence of VoIP + Video + Data across Wireline and Wireless networks SurfInsight: An Expert System for Decoding and Analysis of Fax and Modem Communications over PSTN or IP Networks

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Whitepaper: Videoconferencing, Video Mail, IVR and Mobile Services Provided by iPBX Technology

by Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd.Aug 26, 2008

This white paper outlines the evolution of iPBX technology as videoconferencing, video mail, IVR and mobile services are integrated into the system. Multimedia iPBX systems leverage IP capabilities to enhance productivity. The result is improved communications at a low cost.

Whitepaper: Mobile Video Services: Ready For Prime Time

by Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd.Aug 01, 2008

Video on the Internet has taken off in recent years. The rapid growth of online video has been driven by widespread broadband connectivity, a growing number of site offering commercial video content, and the explosion of user-generated video content (UGV).