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Synaptris is a software products company in the information management space. The company offers products that simplify information management and enable users to derive greater business value from their data. Synaptris products help businesses generate actionable information from silos of data, through their award-winning and easy to use reporting technology.

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Whitepaper: Five Must-Haves in Your Information Management Strategy During Challenging Times

by Synaptris, Inc.Sep 24, 2009

Read about the five must-haves in your information management strategy. Synaptris delivers "flexible" and "easy-to-use" real-time reporting and analysis solutions that empower users to make rapid and informed business decisions.

Whitepaper: Reporting 2.0 - The Next Evolutionary Step in Business Reporting

by Synaptris, Inc.Mar 12, 2008

The next generation business reporting solution should provide us the flexibility that traditional reporting tools provide, but at the same time should have the power of BI tools. "Reporting 2.0", as we had coined it, should bridge the chasm between Traditional Reporting and Business Intelligence.

Characteristics of a Reporting 2.0 Solution: - User-driven: Non-technical business users are able to design reports with ease
- Rapid Design: Reports are designed at a fraction of the time taken for traditional reports
- Real-time: Reports access real-time data in order to aid in operations
- Interactive: Reports can be interpreted, extended and manipulated by end-users without reaching out to the IT support desk.
- Intuitive: Users require no training or at most a basic orientation program.
- Embedded Analysis: Capability to analyze underlying report data in real-time, for the sub-set of users who need more than report viewing, interpretation and manipulation, again without IT support.
- No IT Overhead: All of the above is available to users with no IT overhead other than system deployment, initial setup and periodic maintenance.