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P2 Security, the leading developer of next generation Web access management (WAM) technologies, is a privately held company headquartered in New York. P2 Security developed maXecurity as a new and fundamentally different approach to WAM to help streamline access control and management. maXecurity is an appliance-based architecture, created from the ground up to make WAM more scalable and affordable for enterprises of all sizes. As a turnkey solution, maXecurity is ideal for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI and other emerging regulatory requirements. Founded in 2003, the P2 Security team has over 20 years working in the WAM industry.

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Whitepaper: The Next Generation of Web Access Management

by P2 SecurityMar 01, 2008

A large financial institution was looking for a way to reduce expenditures related to its existing Web Access Management (WAM) solution. The company had implemented WAM to protect online access to the critical financial information of its 500,000 users. However, following deployment, the company found that maintaining and making changes to their WAM solution was both extremely costly and time consuming. The company looked to New York-based P2 Security for help. P2 Security's maXecurity reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of WAM infrastructures. Less than a year after implementation of the maXecurity product, the financial institution had already dramatically reduced its costs related to WAM, with an estimated cost savings of more than $7 million in the first year, $5 million each year thereafter.