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Catalyst ( is a Marketing Capital Firm. Our business is based on delivering capital in the form of marketing intelligence, what we refer to as Digital Mastery, so that your business will be armed with a valuable advantage over the competition via knowledge, understanding and an actionable path for utilizing digital media . Our mission is Education and Strategy. We provide an understanding for our clients of the tools, services and opportunities available to them in the new and emerging media landscape. We also help them strategically determine which of these tools, services and opportunities can be used by them to effectively build their business using digital media.

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Whitepaper: Fundamentals of Mobile and Mobile Marketing

by Catalyst SFApr 11, 2008

This white paper is intended to provide an overview of the mobile marketing options available to marketers today. It is designed for the person who wants an entry level perspective on the platform. In these pages we will discuss:

1. Mobile Terminology
2. The Basics of How to Think About Mobile Marketing
3. Mobile Statistics
4. Mobile Marketing Options

Ultimately, this document is meant as a starting point in your pursuit for greater understanding of emerging media options, in this case mobile. After reading, you should have some idea of how to proceed to explore digital marketing for your brand.