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Interop Digital

Tired of vendor events pushing their own agenda? Come to Interop, the ONLY IT Conference where you will get a complete objective view of what's happening across all IT disciplines - not a weeklong commercial. Built from scratch each year with the help of an independent review board, Interop is where you can come to discover NEW strategies, products and services, and hear from peers experiencing the same challenges and issues you are. The lessons learned at Interop are REAL and can be applied immediately. For more than 30 years, Interop has provided an independent space where IT pros can meet and learn from each other about whats really going on in the industry.

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Latest Content From Interop Digital

Webcast: Future-proofing IT for the Hybrid Workforce

by Interop DigitalMay 24, 2022

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"Good-enough" IT architecture for remote workers isn't good enough anymore. To support a permanently hybrid workforce, enterprise leaders need to ask themselves tough questions: Do you simply add "must have good broadband" to job listings, or can IT departments redesign their network architecture to accommodate talent wherever it resides? Are you using employee monitoring and productivity tools responsibly, or are they violating privacy? In this Interop event, learn the latest in hybrid work trends including new technologies to better observe, support and defend your users, wherever they choose to work.

Video: Interop Keynote | Rob Carter, FedEx Corporation

by Interop DigitalFeb 10, 2021

Join us in a fireside chat with Rob Carter, one of the preeminent CIOs in the country, who is widely recognized for his innovation and leadership over his 20+ years at FedEx. In this conversation Rob "delivers" on a broad range of topics, including infrastructure challenges faced by a global, distributed team; how an IT organization must approach its relationship with partners (both internal and external); and how building a culture with intention and purpose has been critical to the success of FedEx. These are just a few things we cover in our conversation with Rob.

Video: Interop Keynote | Alysa Taylor, Microsoft

by Interop DigitalFeb 10, 2021

In this keynote, Alysa Taylor will introduce the idea of democratizing data and digital to enable IT to impact the broader business. She will share use cases where IT and data has had a major impact on business results and will discuss the tension between "traditional" and "democratized" IT. She will then participate in a QA to discuss how they've dealt with that tension.

Video: Interop Keynote | Greg Lavender, VMware

by Interop DigitalFeb 10, 2021

At a time when IT Pros are increasingly being asked to create value for their organizations, innovation has never been more important. Regardless of title or responsibilities, we all need to think like a Chief Innovation Officer, balancing long term vision with the practical needs to get things done today. Innovation, however, is a concept that is easy to promise and difficult to execute. Greg has navigated that tricky road over the course of his career leading large technology organizations, both as a user and vendor. In his keynote he will share his secrets and lessons learned and help us all build that bridge to the future -- rooted in what's needed to get work done in today's environment, without losing sight of the opportunity in the future.

Video: Interop Keynote | Gunter Ollmann, Microsoft

by Interop DigitalFeb 10, 2021

As cloud computing accelerates so does the necessity for adopting security and networking solutions to safely and efficiently power cloud environments. With data available anywhere at any time, however, cloud-driven demands on security and networking require next-level coordination, as well as a growing reliance on AI. Join Microsoft's Cloud and AI Security division CSO Gunter Ollmann as he shares his insights on how these separate IT disciplines will become increasingly intertwined in the service of cloud computing.

Research Report: State of Artificial Intelligence | 2020 Edition

by Interop DigitalJul 02, 2020

Where are today's organizations when it comes to actual implementation of artificial intelligence? What are some of the top use cases? How does your enterprise compare with others, in general, and in your industry? InformationWeek, together with Interop and ITPro Today surveyed hundreds of IT professionals to answer these questions and more. Download the 2020 State of AI report to learn more about how organizations are using AI.

Research Report: State of IT | 2019 Edition

by Interop DigitalJun 27, 2019

The role of IT continues to change as new technologies and business models emerge. In addition to keeping systems up and running, IT must facilitate digital transformation and enable modern forms of competitive advantage.

The State of IT report explores:

  • The deficits in IT spending and the effects an organization's ability to meet its goals
  • The balance of containing IT costs while achieving business success
  • The challenges that prevent IT from innovating
  • How IT innovation is tied, or not tied to, financial incentives
  • IT purchasing plans do not necessarily include the most-hyped technology trends (IoT, AI, DevOps, containers, software-defined infrastructure)

Research Report: State of IoT | 2018 Edition

by Interop DigitalJun 27, 2019

A vast majority of organizations are investigating and investing in IoT technology - but they are doing it slowly and cautiously. They are still figuring out how to secure IoT devices and how IoT deployments might help improve their business. Download this report to explore:

  • Status of companies' IoT initiatives
  • The top IoT products/services being produced
  • Major obstacles to IoT adoption
  • Which industries will benefit most from IoT

Research Report: State of DevOps | 2018 Edition

by Interop DigitalJun 27, 2019

This report explores our respondents’ DevOps initiatives and reveals:

  • A large jump in DevOps adoption since 2017 survey results
  • Increased pressure to release software at a faster pace is driving DevOps adoption
  • High percentages of respondents are realizing improved performance as the result of implementing DevOps
  • The most popular tools and products used by DevOps teams

Research Report: State of Infrastructure | 2018 Edition

by Interop DigitalJun 27, 2019

The single greatest factor driving change in IT infrastructure is the rapid growth of data and data storage technology, fueled by initiatives in big data, Internet of Things, and data analytics. Find out how IT organizations are responding to increased demands for storing and managing data, along with:

  • Overall IT infrastructure purchase plans
  • Drivers and inhibitors to infrastructure modernization
  • Data center technology plans
  • Networking and wireless investments
  • And more