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VoiceCon is recognized as the leading event for enterprise decision-makers who need to evaluate their options for migrating to IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications. VoiceCon presents a unique opportunity for you to speak with the experts, hear first-hand the lessons learned by enterprises that are already making the migration, to network with your peers at the receptions and see industry-leading products at the VoiceCon Exhibition. VoiceCon is focused entirely on enterprise communications -- IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications. It is designed with one fundamental goal: To help you maximize your investment in these technologies.

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Latest Content From VoiceCon Orlando 2009

Research Report: Telcos in the Cloud: Claiming a Seat at the Table

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Given the myriad challenges telcos face to their core businesses, they cannot allow themselves to be left out of the emerging "cloud" revenue opportunity. They must get on the cloud bus or risk being thrown under it.

Also in this report:
- Telcos are beginning to insert themselves into the cloud conversation by approaching the cloud in a way that highlights their current network assets and network-related capabilities.

- A more expansive notion of the cloud holds the

Whitepaper: Upgrading Your Data Nets For Voice and Video

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

As you implement voice and/or video on your legacy data LANs and WAN, and as you scale that implementation, the challenge of delivering acceptable quality and sufficient security becomes more complex. These challenges only intensify as you attempt to serve all your users in all your locations and in all of the users? locations. In this presentation, NetForecast provides a detailed understanding of the technical problems you can encounter, the steps to take to overcome them, and the specific

Whitepaper: Unified Communications Market Update

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Behind the basic question "How big is the Unified Communications market, and which vendors are winning/losing?" lurks a more difficult question: What "counts" as UC when we're measuring this market? Blair Pleasant, a UC analyst, presents research that looks at the market's size, players, and prospects, the impact of UC on end users and future trends.Two key areas addressed: How is the current economic climate affecting adoption and will this market take off?

Whitepaper: Four Flavors of Fixed Mobile Convergence

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Fixed mobile convergence is coming, but different implementations are being proposed. Some combine Wi-Fi and cellular and transparently hand off calls between the two environments, while others depend solely on cellular service. Most implementations have employed servers that are under the control of the enterprise, but some cellular carriers are introducing network-based FMC services. In the current economic environment, any investment is subject to close scrutiny, but an FMC deployment has the

Whitepaper: Developing An Enterprisewide Emergency Notification System

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Nicholas Maier, SVP at RedSky, will help you understand the latest approaches to providing E911 coverage for an IP Telephony-enabled enterprise. In this presentation, he examines the infrastructure needed to ensure accuracy, resiliency, and high-availability in your E911 coverage.

Whitepaper: IP Telephony Market: Who's Winning And Who's Losing?

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Market demand for new enterprise communications systems and solutions reflects the economy: It's a tough time for sellers, but a good time for buyers with lower IP telephony system prices, enhanced system performance, and no fee Unified Communications licenses marketed as buying incentives. A crowded competitive field that needs to make room for new market entries, such as Microsoft and IBM, may squeeze out one or two of the established players in the next year: Who is likely to succumb? Allan

Whitepaper: Integrating Mobility with Unified Communications

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

In this panel discussion, Research In Motion's Sean McManus presents his company's take on UC mobilization. As RIM's manager of Voice Solutions, he provides keen insight into how UC could break out of the office. In the mobile UC environment, users will be provided with presence-enabled directories, visual voicemail, and a full range of desktop UC capabilities on their mobile devices. In this session, McManus discusses such questions as: What UC capabilities are available on mobile

Whitepaper: IP Telephony/Unified Communication Basics To Best Practices:Technology Issues

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

Legacy PBX systems are being retired and new functionality is essentially only available with IP-based systems. Enterprises are not faced with the question of whether to migrate to Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony (IPT), it's a question of when. And the emerging capabilities for UC increase the complexity this transition. Despite the growth of these technologies, many enterprises have limited experience with IP Telephony and VoIP, and once the decision to migrate is made, there are tough

Whitepaper: IP Telephony Market: Who's Winning And Who's Losing

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

An RFP process to purchase a new enterprise communications system can be an exhaustive and time consuming experience. In this presentation, Allan Sulkin, president of TEQConsult Group, lays the groundwork for anyone planning to issue an RFP for an IP telephony system in the near future.

Whitepaper: The Fundamentals Of SIP

by VoiceCon Orlando 2009Jan 13, 2012

David Bryan, communications consultant at Cogent Force and chair of the IETF P2PSIP working group, presents the basics of SIP. Focused on the fundamentals of the protocol and its usage, Bryan starts with the very basic ideas and progresses through call initiation, INVITE, transactions and dialogs, multiple varieties of forking, SIMPLE, and more.