Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of application development, deployment and modernization solutions for the productivity-driven enterprise. With Nexaweb, building contextual and process-driven composite and rich Internet applications (RIA) that consume legacy, SOA and 3rd party data is simple and doesn't require re-writing code. Founded in 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb's solutions are proven by more than 7,000 successful global deployments that span the financial services, manufacturing, insurance, public sector, and ISV markets. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors.

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Whitepaper: Aflac Japan Trims IT Management Costs, Slashes Development Cycle, and Boosts Application Performance with Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Solution

by NexawebMay 30, 2007

Aflac Japan is the leading life insurance company in the Japanese market, insuring one in four Japanese households, and is represented by 8,000 agents, making it the country's largest foreign insurer in terms of premium income. Using Nexaweb's Enterprise Web Suite, Aflac Japan has deployed a comprehensive Web-based Insurance Premium Calculation System (IPCS) that combines legacy inquiry, Internet-mediated and stand-alone applications. The IPCS runs in any client environment, including desktops in the office, mobile and occasionally disconnected devices with Internet connectivity. The new Nexaweb-based application delivers a rich user interface that functions like a client/server application with asynchronous data delivery and fast keyboard navigation. The result is an efficient, easy-to-use application that increases agent productivity and reduces the risks associated with insurance premium calculations. Maintenance for the newly integrated application is also more efficient, which means significant cost and time reductions as compared to maintaining the previously disparate applications.

Whitepaper: DHL Switzerland Improves the Flow of Information and Goods with Nexaweb's Enterprise Web Suite

by NexawebFeb 15, 2008

DHL Custom Clearance in Switzerland manages one of Europe's busiest customs operations, with 45 clerks and round-the-clock activity six days a week. DHL was seeking a more agile and responsive architecture than its legacy client/server setup could offer. After a thorough evaluation process with ipt, inc., its solutions provider, DHL chose the Nexaweb Enterprise Web Suite because of its ability to deliver high performance and speed, all in a standards-based environment. ipt is now able to rapidly prototype new applications and quickly respond to change requests from DHL's management.

Whitepaper: Nexaweb Advance: End-to-End Application Modernization

by NexawebMar 30, 2008

Legacy applications built with technologies like PowerBuilder, ColdFusion (v5 and older) Oracle Forms, COBOL and Visual Basic are costing enterprises millions to maintain, and more to upgrade. Modernizing these systems to fully functional Web applications, however, is not as simple as adding flashy UIs and deploying them in a browser. It requires well-designed procedures to transform the legacy code to a common language, and utilize that data and business logic to deploy highly-functional, interactive applications that are easier to build, deploy, maintain and use.

Nexaweb Advance is a repeatable, standards-based approach to the modernization of legacy applications. Organizations can take a mission-critical system developed in a legacy platform like PowerBuilder, ColdFusion or Oracle Forms, and transform it to a modern, enterprise web application that surpasses the original client/server experience. Nexaweb's automated capture process substantially lowers project risk and reduces the need for legacy skills, while positively affecting the accuracy and quality of results. Legacy applications are fully documented in a human readable database that enables the accurate elimination of duplicative code and architectural flaws from years of functional creep. Modernization is the best time to consider feature enhancements. With Nexaweb Advance organizations can re-factor and re-compose legacy system functions into new, rich composite web applications.