Carbonite is a leading provider of cloud backup solutions for consumers and small businesses. Subscribers in over 100 countries rely on Carbonite to provide easy-to-use, secure online backup with anytime, anywhere data access. To date, Carbonite has protected nearly 200 billion files � backing up 300 million files each day � and has restored over 7 billion files, that otherwise would have been lost forever. With Carbonite, customers can rest easy knowing their protecting their files with the better backup plan.

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Whitepaper: Keys to Data Protection: Myths, Realities and Proactive Planning

by CarboniteNov 16, 2012

Through a series of case studies, Inc. and Carbonite explore the all-too-common small business �nightmare�, data loss � and, examine the consequences suffered as a result of being ill-prepared. Experts Pete Lamson, senior vice president for small business at Carbonite, and Philip Jan Rothstein, president of Rothstein Associates Inc., weigh-in on the importance of making data protection a business priority. With proper � and more importantly, proactive - planning, small businesses can aptly prepare for whatever may come their way.

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Whitepaper: How Prepared is Your Business if Disaster Strikes?

by CarboniteNov 16, 2012

Research from the Insurance Institute states that up to 40 percent of small businesses affected by disaster will never reopen. Carbonite provides 10 easy tips to help small businesses develop a solid disaster preparedness plan. Having such a plan in place, helps businesses minimize loss and disruption and return to normal business operations as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Through this checklist, small business owners will receive ideas on how to appropriately assess and document a plan that works for their business.

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Whitepaper: Five Ways Online Backup Keeps Your Data Safe

by CarboniteNov 16, 2012

Carbonite discusses the various steps taken to ensure the continual security and protection of customer data. Specifically, there are five areas of critical importance Carbonite focuses on � highly redundant disk drives, hardened data center facilities and best-in-class operations, specialized system monitoring software, world-class network security and encryption, and transparent access to your backup status. In this article, we explore each of these areas in-depth and the measures taken to uphold Carbonite�s commitment to data privacy and security.

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