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uptime software inc.

Enterprise IT Systems Management that Just Works: Easy to implement yet powerful, scalable, and flexible enough to be run by some of the largest companies in the world across Solaris, AIX, Windows, Linux, HP/UX, Novell, and VMware (server monitoring, capacity planning, SLA Management, application monitoring, IT services monitoring, network monitoring, and full virtual systems and VMware monitoring and management). up.time gives you a “Single Pane of Glass” for IT: Comprehensive cross-domain, cross-environment (physical and virtual) systems management. up.time is "Sociable Software," connecting virtualization to incumbent tools (frameworks, point solutions, etc) and processes within the Enterprise. up.time cuts IT costs by up to 75%: up.time customers see dramitic costs savings. up.time provides value in Minutes not Months: Get started in less than 15 minutes with hassle-free deployment and snap-in integration with new and existing software and processes.

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