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SpectorSoft creates solutions that protect businesses by identifying data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and compliance violations in real-time. By monitoring and alerting on employee activity and system events, SpectorSoft solutions uniquely provide you with detailed, timely, and actionable information to lower risk, ensure compliance and increase security.

Over 36,000 global companies, from the small business to the Fortune 50 leverage SpectorSoft's visibility into digital activity. Please visit www.spectorsoft.com for more information.

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Whitepaper: Implementing a User Activity & Behavior Monitoring Program

by SpectorSoft CorporationJun 04, 2015

Monitoring user activity & behavior has significant benefits:

1. Increased security against insider threats
2. Productivity increases
3. More efficient and effective employee investigations

Security & Risk professionals recognize the value and benefits of analyzing user behavior and monitoring user activity. At times, legal and HR staff have questions that must be addressed prior to implementation.

This document is intended to assist company

Whitepaper: Risk Mitigation: Keeping employee risk from becoming insider threat

by SpectorSoft CorporationMay 22, 2015

This White Paper will present some common sense suggestions for improving the "beginning of the lifecycle" risk mitigation process. In other words, ways to add a bit more intelligence beginning with the screening and hiring process. Then, we'll look at how to tie the efforts made at the beginning of the lifecycle to the rest of the employee lifecycle, using a combination of process and tools to significantly improve security, and reduce the chances of an insider incident.

Whitepaper: Insider Threats and the Need for Fast and Directed Response

by SpectorSoft CorporationMay 22, 2015

As breaches continue to cause significant damage to organizations, security consciousness is shifting from traditional perimeter defense to a holistic understanding of what is causing the damage and where organizations are exposed. Although many attacks are from an external source, attacks from within often cause the most damage. This report looks at how and why insider attacks occur and their implications.

Webcast: Insider Threats: How to Find Them Early & Fix Them Fast

by SpectorSoft CorporationMay 15, 2014

Your organization has a 50% likelihood of experiencing an insider incident despite deep investments in IT security. Insider threats include fraud, theft of intellectual property, data breaches and leaks, or malicious damage to IT resources. Most organizations that experienced an insider incident indicate it was more damaging than incidents involving hackers. You need the right plan and the right tools to detect, respond and recover from an insider incident. Attend this webinar to learn:

Whitepaper: Implementing an Employee Monitoring Program

by SpectorSoft CorporationMar 01, 2014

Security & Risk professionals recognize the value and benefits of implementing an employee-monitoring program. Privacy advocates and Legal and Human Resources professionals see potentially unwarranted invasion of employee privacy as reasons not to monitor, or at least to restrict monitoring to instances where enough "probable cause" exists to warrant tilting the balance between the privacy of an employee and the interests of the company.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to assist

Whitepaper: Insider Threat Survey Report

by SpectorSoft CorporationMar 01, 2014

Are you Catching the Signals

The insider threat is alive, thriving and often responsible for major data breaches that expose everything from consumer credit-card information to valuable intellectual property (IP), and the findings of our most recent survey support this assertion. The results from a pool of 419 enterprise-security respondents revealed that 23 percent of enterprises have experienced insider-driven data breaches.

Download this report and read more about 10

Whitepaper: Simplifying Employee Investigations

by SpectorSoft CorporationMar 01, 2014

You just got news of yet another issue that just happened in your business that now you need to deal with - it could be a sexual harassment claim, a tip on an employee stealing, or just someone goofing off on the Internet for way too long. Some issues only require the employees involved to get in a room with HR to address, while others require extensive detective work by the good folks in IT. Especially in cases of data theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc., having detail on everything the employee

Video: Spector 360 Monitoring Software Overview

by SpectorSoft CorporationOct 01, 2008

This video shows how Spector 360 can keep employees productive and keep financial institutions safe and compliant with industry standards. An interview with a Spector 360 user highlights how the software helped one organization gain lost productivity. Spector 360 records all keystrokes, emails, chats and IMs (including web based), websites visited (and how long they spent), internet searches, files transferred by USB, CD, peer-to-peer networks or email, offline activities such as print jobs and

Whitepaper: Increase Productivity Using Spector 360 to Monitor Financial Company Employees

by SpectorSoft CorporationAug 01, 2008

Spector 360 can help financial companies hold employees accountable. In this case study, this financial firm had no way to keep track of PC and Internet activity when employees worked with company-issued laptops in the office, at home, or on the road ... despite having an industry-leading Internet filtering program in place and a written Acceptable Use Policy. Enter Spector 360. With Spector 360, even the firm's Partners tell clients "we know all."

Whitepaper: Spector 360

by SpectorSoft CorporationJun 01, 2006

Spector 360? Company-Wide Monitoring and Surveillance Software enables you to monitor employee PC and Internet use, analyze trends and patterns, investigate suspicious behavior, search for specific details and report your findings all from the convenience of your desktop.

Spector 360 is a scalable, centrally-managed, employee monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and manage over your network.

Spector 360 records your employees? web sites visited, files transferred,