Tealeaf provides online customer experience management solutions that enable unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility into every visitor's unique online interactions. Our technology is used by 48% of the Fortune 50 to increase conversion rates, reduce IT and service costs, and improve customer service. Tealeaf can give you a level of visibility that reveals exactly why specific aspects of your business are succeeding or failing.

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Webcast: Weathering the Storm of a Bad Economy

by TealeafMay 28, 2009

Despite a slowdown in growth, ecommerce is still expected to grow in 2009 by capturing market share from the brick-and-mortar channel. So although investing in unproven site features may not be practical now, certainly investing in online customer experience efforts is a worthy endeavor. Isn't increasing customer value and building customer loyalty important now more than ever?

Join Tealeaf and featured guest Megan Burns from Forrester Research for an exclusive webinar as we discuss Why Now is the Time to Invest in the Web Customer Experience.

Specific topics include:
- What is "Web customer experience"?
- Why is now the time to invest in improving your company's Web customer experience?
- What can you do to make changes to your site that won't cost a lot but will still have a big impact on the bottom line?

Whitepaper: Capture Market Share in a Down Economy: Invest in Your Online Customers

by TealeafMar 25, 2009

Find out what 350 top eBusiness leaders are doing now to make their online channel not just survive, but thrive in this trying economy

Topics Include:
� Insights on eBusiness executive priorities and strategies for the online channel in 2009 and beyond
� eBusiness knowledge gaps � surprising misperceptions and blind spots that many executives have of their online customers and strategies for bridging these gaps
� Critical steps that eBusinesses are taking today to ensure their online channel continues to grow throughout the economic downturn

Whitepaper: Small Web Site Investments That Pay Off

by TealeafMar 17, 2009

Download this August 2008 Forrester Research Report and unveil eight simple improvements you can make to your web site today that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Specific topics include:
� Strategies for focusing on the end of the sales funnel in order to ensure a high conversion rate and decrease web site abandonment
� Customer case studies and best practices for increased search-engine visibility, average purchase size and total conversion rates
� Actionable steps to take today to improve web site content and home page functionality
� Simple site enhancement to improve natural search results and improve overall user experience

Whitepaper: Need to Cut Costs? Improve the Web Site Experience

by TealeafMar 17, 2009

In this December 2008 report, Forrester Research outlines how Web usability plays a key part in eliminating unnecessary sales and service costs. Forrester outlines a simple model for the cost savings that making Web usability improvements can provide.

Improving Web Site usability can eliminate unnecessary sales and service costs. Download the report and discover the potential savings for your organization, use a modifiable ROI model to estimate the potential cost savings you can generate by improving your site�s usability.

Whitepaper: Get more from Your Web Analytics: Creating an Integrated View of your Online Customer

by TealeafMar 02, 2009

This whitepaper discusses the power of integrating web site optimization solutions such as: web analytics, business intelligence, voice-of-customer, and customer experience management to deliver a more holistic view of your online business, and better serve your customers.

Download this whitepaper for:
� An in-depth look at all of the web site optimization solutions available today and the pros and cons of each
� Best practices for leveraging the right mix of web site optimization solutions and how to get started on a deeper integration
� Case studies from Bluefly and who have successfully integrated their key web site optimization applications and the ROI they achieved

Whitepaper: Mobile Analytics and Customer Experience Management Guide

by TealeafMar 02, 2009

You invest in delivering the best possible experience for your customers doing business with you via their laptop, what about those using their handhelds?

Download this whitepaper and learn why the time to invest in your mobile web users is now. The whitepaper explores:

� Key challenges and opportunities when optimizing the mobile user web experience
� Best practices and strategies for delivering an optimal experience for your mobile web customers
� Demographic breakdown on mobile subscriber monthly consumption of content and applications by country providing key insights on which areas of your site to focus.

Whitepaper: Optimizing your Online Channel to Beat the Downturn

by TealeafMar 01, 2009

This whitepaper explores current online user trends and provides the best practices and strategies needed to create an optimized, error-proof web site that will produce a strong and loyal customer base.

Specific topics include:

� Key findings and implications from the 4th Annual Harris Interactive Online Consumer Behavior Survey uncovering the motivation, behavior and expectations of today�s online user

� Strategies developed by over 300 leading companies designed to help you take advantage of today�s online trends and increase your overall profitability

� Proven best practices that will resolve web site usability issues, increase transaction conversion rates and reduce IT support costs.

Whitepaper: Building an Online Customer Experience Competency: Five Steps

by TealeafMay 06, 2008

While many companies believe they are delivering adequate online experiences, their customers are in pain. Why do most organizations miss the mark? Improving online customer experience requires organizations to have one view of the online customer and to utilize a common language when discussing customer experience. Tealeaf will provide insights via our guide, "Building an Online Customer Experience Competency: Five Steps".

We'll share five steps you can take to establish an online customer experience competency within your organization: These five steps are not rocket science, just proven best practices - validated at active Tealeaf deployments - that can be easily implemented within your own company. It is our desire that reading this guide will empower you to align your customer experience view to that of your customers.