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Whitepaper: Breakiing Down IT Silos

by KPMG LLCJul 22, 2008

It is widely acknowledged that the IT function is comprised of technology and process silos and that this environment needs to change. For example, focusing on application performance requires that network and security operations work closely together. The deployment of IP Telephony is causing voice and network operations to converge, and the deployment of metropolitan Ethernet is requiring LAN and WAN groups to merge. Also driving change are increasing multi-function devices such as VPN/Remote Access concentrators and Internet gateways. Learn about the techniques that IT organizations have used to successfully break down the silos and steps that you should take to be a silo-breaker in your organization.

Whitepaper: Breaking Down The Technology And Organizational Silos

by KPMG LLCMay 01, 2008

The growth of mobility, extension of the enterprise, and business expectations for instant gratification are leading to Unified Communication, federated connectivity, and automated provisioning of end-to-end services. KPMG takes a look at challenges and solutions ahead in this presentation.