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Networking the world since 1988, IMC Networks is a leading provider of copper to fiber media converters and intelligent Optical Ethernet and Fiber to the Premises solutions. ISO 9001:2000 registered IMC Networks supports a variety of networking technologies, including Ethernet, T1/E1 and DS3/E3. For more information contact the company at: 19772 Pauling, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610; Tel. 800-624-1070 or 949-465-3000; Fax (949) 465-3020; or at

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Whitepaper: Media Converters: LAN to MAN and Beyond

by IMC NetworksJun 01, 2008

Media converters play an important role in today's multiprotocol, mixed-media LANs. For example, LAN administrators can deploy media converters to integrate fiber-optic cabling and active equipment into existing copper-based, structured cabling systems while achieving significant cost savings.

Media converters are also becoming a critical piece of data networks outside the LAN, as electrical-to-optical conversion technology is enabling service providers to speed up deployment and minimize the cost of provisioning fiber to the subscriber, and offering metropolitan area network (MAN) access and data transport services to enterprise customers.

Whitepaper: Benefits and Cost Savings of Single-Strand Fiber Technology

by IMC NetworksMar 17, 2008

This paper introduces the reader to the benefits of single-strand fiber and how it's used to increase bandwidth by doubling the fiber capacity of existing networks. The reader will be educated on the various types of media conversion hardware, and how to implement it at a substantial cost-savings without having to upgrade your existing network infrastructure.