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Wrike ( is the leading on-demand, online project management solution. It provides executives with a unique platform for managing many projects in one workspace and easily getting reports across all projects. Wrike's collaboration features give a significant productivity gain to diverse small and midsize companies around the world ( Its e-mail integration is the most advanced in the project management space. Wrike Inc. has patents pending. Founded in 2003, Wrike Inc. is a privately held corporation located in California.

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Whitepaper: Social Project Management or Project Management 2.0?

by Wrike IncMay 24, 2008

Project management topic is a hot topic nowadays. Why? Probably one of the reasons is that this part of the management science is undergoing significant changes due to the introduction of the new technologies for managing project teams. People are using blogs, wikis and collaboration planning tools to work on projects together. How do these tools influence contemporary project management? Do traditional project management practices need to be improved? To answer these questions let's take a look at the traditional way of executing project management.

Whitepaper: How Web 2.0 Tools Benefit Project Management

by Wrike IncMay 22, 2008

Wikis, blogs, collaboration tools, and Web 2.0 technologies: How do these tools influence contemporary project management? How do they help you manage your projects? What makes them so effective? How can you get the most out of them? This article will help you learn how companies and teams can benefit from new technologies and practices and how these technologies can make your job easier.

Whitepaper: Capgemini Maximizes Marketing Team Productivity With Wrike’s Unique, Integrated Project Management Solution

by Wrike IncApr 20, 2008

Capgemini, a leading consulting company, uses Wrike�s innovative project management solution to streamline customer support and increase the productivity of its North American Marketing Services team. Now, with Wrike services in place, Capgemini�s customer satisfaction is close to 95 percent. Dan Stevens, director of marketing services, discusses the decision to go with Wrike�s solution.