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Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR) is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally. Radware's solutions empower more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and acheive maximum productivity while keeping costs down.

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Latest Content From Radware

Research Report: Global Application and Network Security Report

by RadwareFeb 27, 2020

How do you protect against threats you can't see? Businesses demand innovation, but faster time to market for new applications and services creates blind spots where security vulnerabilities are lurking.

This 9th annual security report provides a comprehensive review of:

• The threat landscape and the business impact of 2019's cyber-attacks
• Security of multiple cloud environments
• Agile security for DevOps and Microservices
• Security considerations coming with the rollout of 5G networks
• A look ahead - practical advice on how to protect against emerging threats.

Whitepaper: Hacker's Almanac

by RadwareFeb 27, 2020

The threat landscape is as diverse as it is sophisticated, thanks largely to the fact that the skills and tools behind launching cyberattacks have become commoditized. As a result, hackers and cyberciminals have reached a level of maturity and efficiency unsurpassed in the history of cyberwarfare, resulting in a dramatic increase in attack frequency, complexity and size.

Although these threats constitute a clear and present danger to organizations worldwide, knowledge is power. Download Radware's Hacker's Almanac to better understand the threat landscape and current tactics, techniques and procedures used by today's cybercriminals.

Whitepaper: Anatomy of a Cloud-Native Data Breach

by RadwareFeb 27, 2020

Migrating computing resources to cloud environments opens up new attack surfaces previously unknown in the world of premise-based data centers. As a result, cloud-native data breaches frequently have different characteristics and follow and different progression than physical data breaches. Download this whitepaper to review a real-life example of a cloud-native data breach, how it evolved and how it possibly could have been avoided.

Whitepaper: The Top Automated Bot Threats and How to Stop Them

by RadwareFeb 27, 2020

"Bad" bots, which masquerade as humans and attack online businesses, now comprise 26% of total internet traffic. They evade conventional security technologies, threatening websites, mobile applications and even APIs. Often, these highly sophisticated and automated threats set their sights on web applications, using an array of tactics to pillage personal data, tie down online inventory and degrade application/website performance.

These attacks often go undetected by conventional mitigation strategies because bots have evolved from basic scripts to large-scale distributed bots with humanlike interaction capabilities to evade discovery. Staying ahead of this threat requires two things: a firm understanding of these malevolent robots and more sophisticated, advanced security capabilities to actively detect and mitigate them.

Download this whitepaper to learn about automated bot threats to applications and what you can do to stop them.

Whitepaper: Top 9 DDoS Threats Your Organization Must Be Prepared For

by RadwareFeb 27, 2020

Data centers now span the boundaries of both the on-premise and cloud universe. How do you keep them secure as the IoT landscape expands and more destructive threats are inevitable? Which security model best fits your organization? Read this guide to understand the top things to look for in DDoS protection.