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Whitepaper: Cloud Computing and Web Application Performance: The Risks of Adopting the Cloud

by GomezJan 13, 2012

Any business considering cloud computing to support its customer-facing Web applications must look beyond the cloud?s cost savings and scalability and evaluate how cloud adoption will impact the end-user experience.

This whitepaper addresses the Web experience challenges companies must address when adopting the cloud. It offers perspective and best practices to achieve world-class Web performance and assist in the evaluation of cloud providers and development of cloud performance

Whitepaper: When more Website visitors hurt your business: Are you ready for peak traffic?

by GomezJan 13, 2012

Peak Online Traffic Periods are critical since more Web visitors mean more revenue opportunities. Yet what are consumers? expectations during peak traffic times, and how do they behave if/when they experience poor web performance? To find out, Gomez commissioned Equation Research to conduct a study of consumer Internet usage experiences during peak traffic times.

Whitepaper: 12 Steps to Ensure Successful SaaS Delivery - How to protect revenue, renewals, and customer satisfaction

by GomezJan 13, 2012

SaaS leaders like Omniture, Monster.com, Salary.com and Webex have known for years that performance problems can impact customer experience and have a huge impact on revenues, renewals, brand perception and overall user satisfaction.

Savvy SaaS leaders know that overall Web performance ? including availability, responsiveness and consistency ? needs to be a top concern in order to protect their customer experiences and minimize Web performance issues before they have a catastrophic

Whitepaper: Beating the Browser Wars: How to Win the Battle for Web Performance

by GomezJan 13, 2012

With Internet Explorer?s dominance waning and Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and a host of others catching up fast, managing browser diversity is becoming increasingly challenging. Plus there are multiple versions of each browser in use, underscoring a fact of life for website designers, web application developers, and your entire IT department: web pages can look and perform differently from one browser to another.

Whitepaper: Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users: A Market Research Study

by GomezJan 13, 2012

One thing is clear ? the mobile web has crossed the chasm ? to the benefit of organizations everywhere. Yet what are mobile users? expectations and how do they characterize the current mobile web experience? To find out, Gomez, Inc. commissioned Equation Research to conduct a study of consumers? mobile Internet usage and perceptions.

Whitepaper: The 9 Noble Truths of Custom Experience: Website Wisdom for Everyone in the Organization

by GomezJan 13, 2012

Teams will only build better user experiences when everyone involved in Web application development — from senior executives to operations staffers — understand how their contributions impact the Website visitors experience. Team members must understand their roles, as well as the requirements and expectations of peers.

Fundamental goals of quantifiable Website performance include:
- Availability: Percentage of time a site is present to end-users.