ScriptLogic Corporation, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a leader in network administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic solutions virtually eliminate administration errors, shrink overhead and manage system updates faster and more efficiently - improving enterprise productivity and freeing scarce IT resources to be applied to more business-critical tasks. Software solutions from ScriptLogic Corporation are used every day on Windows servers and desktops around the world.

With more than 20,000 customers using ScriptLogic solutions to manage approximately 5.1 million desktops and 122,000 servers, ScriptLogic benefits any size network in any industry. ScriptLogic customers, including 71% of the Fortune 500, experience immediate productivity boosts in their IT departments while reducing costs. ScriptLogic's customer base includes small businesses, healthcare organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and proactive resellers and integrators.

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Whitepaper: Perspective Network Management Solution

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Perspective is a comprehensive and affordable network management and application monitoring solution. Perspective?s ease of install and ease of use combine with broad and deep monitoring capabilties to provide administrators with unprecedented visibility into the performance of the network itself, as well as the devices and applications running on the network.

With the ability to ?see? the network from different points of view, Perspective gets to the root of problems where

Whitepaper: Desktop Authority

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Desktop Authority centralizes control over the desktop, combining into one comprehensive solution the functionality usually achieved with a combination of logon scripting, group policies, user profiles, and a variety of security solutions.

Desktop Authority version 8.0 provides a comprehensive approach to desktop management; one where the computer and the user are centrally managed from one console, including the ability to:

Deploy, Update, Configure, Secure and Support

Whitepaper: Active Administrator Version 5.0.1 - Active Directory Management

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Active Directory becomes very complex to manage in Windows networks. Administrators leave, users are given elevated privileges, applications require special accounts - very soon you have an Active Directory full of security weaknesses.

Active Administrator? is an enterprise-class Active Directory management, auditing and recovery solution that takes over where the management tools supplied with Windows leave off. Advanced management features include centralized auditing of events,

Demo: Patch Authority Ultimate

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Patch Authority Ultimate Version 6, ScriptLogic's comprehensive, enterprise-class patch management solution, prevents attacks and exploits through centralized control of updates on all Windows desktops and servers. Patch Authority Ultimate's rich interface and extensive feature set deploys the latest patches in a few simple steps to all desktop and servers, local and remote.

Download size:
41 MB

Terms of Trial License:

30 day free trial download

Demo: Help Desk Authority

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Help Desk Authority is an industry leading help desk software solution for tracking tickets and shortening the lifecycle of help desk issues. This easy-to-install solution enables your help desk staff to manage end-user issues and keep them from falling through the cracks.

With proven scalability, user self-service, extensive customization and Web and Windows interfaces, this solution delivers the tools that help desk professionals need the most.

Whether your help desk needs

Demo: Deploy the Whole Desktop with Desktop Authority

by ScriptLogicJan 13, 2012

Gain speed, efficiencies, and a quicker response time with the click of a button.

ScriptLogics Desktop Validation Logic allows you to manage the entire desktop lifecycle, from imaging to deployment through decommissioning.

Join Nick Cavalancia, Windows Management Vice President for ScriptLogic, for this step-by-step demonstration to learn how you can utilize Desktop Authority?s Validation Logic to build extremely granular profiles for users, and present users with the