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Whitepaper: Five Threat Intelligence Traps to Avoid

by SymantecAug 24, 2015

Recent high-profile data breaches impacting organizations in all industries including retailers, health care organizations and government agencies have shown just how challenging today's cyberthreat landscape has become. Fortunately, threat intelligence, the act of collecting and interpreting threat information from various data sources to identify adversaries and their tools, tactics, and procedures, is available to help enterprises stay ahead of emerging threats. Learn how to use threat and adversary intelligence to your advantage and how to avoid getting trapped.

Webcast: Combating Advanced Cyber Attacks with Adversary and Threat Intelligence

by SymantecAug 11, 2015

The threat environment has become increasingly hostile to enterprises. The volume of attacks has grown dramatically, along with the sophistication of attackers. At the same time the potentially enormous consequences of a single successful targeted attack have become evident.

Leading industry analysts are suggesting enterprises leverage adversary and threat intelligence in order to more effectively identify, prioritize and protect against key threats to their unique environment. In this recorded webcast you will learn:

- What kinds of intelligence are available to commercial enterprises today
- How intelligence can be used to improve the effectiveness of your security operations
- How Symantec uses intelligence in its own internal global security operations
- How forward-looking insight into cyber adversaries and their activities is developed
- How you can effectively integrate intelligence into your operations at multiple levels

This webcast will help individuals responsible for suggesting or driving improvements in their organization's security program to understand the role intelligence should play, leveraging the knowledge of Symantec cyber intelligence experts.

Research Report: BrutPOS Malware Campaign Intelligence Report

by SymantecAug 11, 2015

While researching point-of-sale (POS) malware campaigns directed at a POS system vendor, Symantec discovered multiple BrutPOS malware campaigns. In Symantec's intelligence report, learn who malware targets are, how BrutPOS works, and the outlook on malware campaigns targeting POS vendors.

Whitepaper: Securing Your Software for the Mobile Application Market

by SymantecJan 06, 2015

Due to recent innovations in the mobile device industry, demand for mobile applications has soared. Meanwhile, malware continues to infect sites at an explosive rate. Mobile application developers need to secure their code and content to protect the integrity of their software and the reputation of their business. This business guide discusses how the latest code signing technology works to secure software code and content for mobile applications, along with why code signing platforms need to be flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and easily adaptable to different mobile operating platforms.

Whitepaper: Protecting Android Applications with Secure Code Signing Certificates

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

Download Protecting Android Applications with Secure Code Signing Certificates and learn the value of secure code signing practices for building more secure Android apps as well as how these certificates play a key role in helping developers enhance the safety of their applications, their users, and their reputations.

Whitepaper: Protect Your Brand Against Today's Malware Threats with Code Signing

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

The malware threat and resulting lack of confidence on the part of online users puts software developers and other companies that rely on software downloads at risk. Code signing is an industry-recommended and widely-used defense against tampering, corruption, or malware infection in software code, armed with a powerful method to both identify code and assure the identity of the code signer. This white paper discusses the malware threat, the potential impact on your business, and how to protect your company and your customers by using code signing.

Whitepaper: Securing the Mobile App Market

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

The explosive growth of the mobile apps market presents a tremendous opportunity for software developers and cybercriminals alike. Infected apps are not only a threat to mobile device users, but also to network and platform providers, device manufacturers, and the reputation of the industry as a whole. Fortunately, developers can protect their code - and their customers - with a straightforward and easy-to-manage technology: code signing certificates. This white paper details the rise of mobile applications and why code signing certificates are essential to protecting the entire mobile apps ecosystem.

Whitepaper: Protect Your Applications - and Reputation - with Symantec EV Code Signing

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

For years, developers have known that one of the best ways to reassure users is by signing code using a digital signature accessed via a private key issued by a respected certificate authority. But signed code is not invulnerable. Due to lax key security and vetting processes, malware has managed to infiltrate applications with signed code.

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates help to halt malware infiltration by requiring a rigorous vetting process and helping ensure that private key security cannot be compromised. EV certificates require a hard token and associated PIN in order to sign code, introducing a more secure physical factor of authentication to the signing process. The EV Code Signing process provides browsers, operating systems, and security software an additional source of confidence in applications signed with an EV certificate.

Read the white paper, Protect Your Applications-and Reputation-with Symantec EV Code Signing, to learn:

•Key background on the latest malware threats
•How you can provide users with reassurance that your application is safe to download
•Why EV Code Signing Certificates represent the next step in advanced website security and their effectiveness
•How you can help provide a frictionless experience when users attempt to download your application