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Whitepaper: Protecting Android Applications with Secure Code Signing Certificates

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

Download Protecting Android Applications with Secure Code Signing Certificates and learn the value of secure code signing practices for building more secure Android apps as well as how these certificates play a key role in helping developers enhance the safety of their applications, their users, and their reputations.

Whitepaper: Protect Your Brand Against Today's Malware Threats with Code Signing

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

The malware threat and resulting lack of confidence on the part of online users puts software developers and other companies that rely on software downloads at risk. Code signing is an industry-recommended and widely-used defense against tampering, corruption, or malware infection in software code, armed with a powerful method to both identify code and assure the identity of the code signer. This white paper discusses the malware threat, the potential impact on your business, and how to protect

Whitepaper: Securing the Mobile App Market

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

The explosive growth of the mobile apps market presents a tremendous opportunity for software developers and cybercriminals alike. Infected apps are not only a threat to mobile device users, but also to network and platform providers, device manufacturers, and the reputation of the industry as a whole. Fortunately, developers can protect their code - and their customers - with a straightforward and easy-to-manage technology: code signing certificates. This white paper details the rise of mobile

Whitepaper: Protect Your Applications - and Reputation - with Symantec EV Code Signing

by SymantecJan 03, 2015

For years, developers have known that one of the best ways to reassure users is by signing code using a digital signature accessed via a private key issued by a respected certificate authority. But signed code is not invulnerable. Due to lax key security and vetting processes, malware has managed to infiltrate applications with signed code.

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates help to halt malware infiltration by requiring a rigorous vetting process and helping ensure

Webcast: Benefits of Building a Strong Information Governance Framework

by SymantecSep 03, 2014

This on-demand webinar focuses on the public sector benefits of building a solid information governance foundation within agencies. A proper foundation will not only help manage the lifecycle and growth of data, it also…

Webcast: Virtualization and Cloud are Changing Enterprise Backup. How Prepared are You?

by SymantecAug 21, 2014

Are you ready to protect the next wave of virtual machine sprawl? ?Join this webinar to:Discover the key trends that will affect enterprise backup and recovery in the coming yearsLearn how Symantec?s latest release - NetBackup 7.6 can help you:Recover any virtual machine within a few minutesEliminate full backupsProtect VMware environments via six new features. ?Save you time and keep your data safer?