CiRBA is the gold standard for Automated Capacity Control software in virtual and cloud infrastructure. Only CiRBA's policy-based engine provides the precision required to confidently transform server infrastructure, automatically control VM placements, and predict future capacity requirements. Global 2000 customers using CiRBA see 40-70% improvements in infrastructure efficiency through dramatically higher VM density and safer, automated operations.

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Webcast: Capacity Management Evolved: How to Optimize VM Placement to Mitigate Risk, Right-Size Infrastructure and Cut Software Costs in Half

by CiRBANov 25, 2013

Many IT shops are still relying on outdated capacity management approaches that have not been designed to deal with the high-density, highly-automated, demand-driven virtual and cloud environments of today. As such. they are struggling with solutions that were designed for a bygone physical era when environments were static and planning was less frequent – solutions that are simply not useful in today’s modern world. Cloud and virtual infrastructures demand more sophisticated

Webcast: Reducing Software Licensing Costs in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure with Smarter VM Placements

by CiRBANov 11, 2013

Most organizations that license software such as Windows, SQL Server and Oracle on a per processor or per host basis are spending far more than is required on licensing. Because VM placements are typically driven by basic utilization criteria, and not more sophisticated business or technical policies, these software components tend to spread randomly across physical servers, necessitating a large licensing footprint. This creates an opportunity to save in excess of 50% of existing costs, but

Whitepaper: Workload Routing & Reservation: 5 Reasons Why it is Critical to Virtual & Cloud Operation

by CiRBAOct 15, 2013

Read this whitepaper and learn five reasons why the entire process of workload routing and capacity reservation must make the transition to become a core, automated component of IT planning and management.

Webcast: Bank of America's Journey to the Cloud

by CiRBANov 05, 2012

Bank of America is mid-way through building one of world's largest private clouds that will house over 100,000 of the banks? workloads. With an environment of this size and many critical business services, the team has encountered and addressed just about every possible scenario and potential pitfall in moving their infrastructure over to a private cloud.

Join Fred Darnell, Cloud Computing Environment Adoption Leader of Bank of America, and Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-Founder of

Whitepaper: Server Capacity Defrag

by CiRBAJan 28, 2011

This is not a paper on disk defrag. Server Capacity Defrag is the act of maximizing density in virtualized infrastructure by strategically placing workloads in order to make the best possible use of server resources. Read this white paper and learn how Defrag is an entirely new approach to optimizing the efficiency of server infrastructure contemplating the compute, memory, and I/O capacity of entire virtual and Cloud environments.

Whitepaper: Data Center Intelligence for Managing Efficiency in Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure

by CiRBADec 16, 2010

In this paper, Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO at CiRBA, discusses the requirements for managing internal clouds such that workload placements and resource allocations are optimized to maximize efficiency and density while minimizing risk. While Cloud computing has the power to radically change how organizations view, procure, and manage infrastructure, these models can increase agility, organizations that fail to modify existing management processes and systems designed for virtualized

Whitepaper: Cloud Computing and How To Drive Efficiency in Virtual Environments

by CiRBASep 01, 2010

A major shift is occurring in the way capacity is managed in the data center.

Download this whitepaper to get tips on how fortune 1000 companies are:

• Using Tetris (yes, the game!) to solve data center challenges

• Optimizing workload placements

• Leveraging capacity defragmentation as a management tool

As virtualization increases its penetration into production environments, and as public and private clouds move to the forefront

Whitepaper: Cloud Capacity Management Tips And Tricks For Large Companies

by CiRBAJul 01, 2010

Managing capacity in internal, dynamic cloud environments bears little resemblance to the ?old school? methods of capacity management that have traditionally been used in physical environments. Rather than employing trend-and-threshold models, cloud capacity management is focused on optimal workload placements and resource allocations.

This whitepaper outlines the critical elements and processes required for capacity management within internal clouds.

Whitepaper: The Fastest, Safest Path to Server Consolidation and Virtualization

by CiRBAJul 22, 2008

CiRBA offers Data Center Intelligence (DCI), analysis software that provides transformational and operational analytics. Transformational analytics is the ability to rapidly analyze and visually map the safest path to an optimally transformed data center. Operational analytics is the ability to continually audit the environment to maintain the optimal state despite constantly changing constraints and configurations. The benefits of this approach include cross-platform coverage and enterprise