Symark is the leading provider of privileged identity and access management (IAM) applications for heterogeneous IT environments. Symark's IAM applications reduce the cost of systems administration and audits while improving internal security. Our PowerSeries family of products strengthen internal IT controls for administrators, users, and systems, and support compliance requirements for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and FISMA and others. Our applications deliver secure systems access control processes to centrally create, administer, enforce, audit, and report on policies, password and user activity and rights as it pertains to servers, workstations, operating systems, applications, files, directories and other digital assets. The products produce extensive logs, audit trails and reports. PowerADvantage facilitates Microsoft Active Directory-centric identity management projects, PowerBroker delivers a unique solution to secure the root account in Linux and UNIX environments, PowerKeeper secures privileged accounts across multiple platforms, and PowerPassword is an identity management application for Linux and UNIX

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Whitepaper: Taking Role-Based Access Control to the Next Level with Symark PowerBroker

by SymarkOct 01, 2008

One of the most challenging problems in managing large networks is the complexity of security administration. Role-based access control has become the predominant model for advanced access control because it reduces the complexity and cost of security administration for large networked applications.

This white paper examines how and why role-based access control evolved, then explains how Symark PowerBroker can be used to implement privileged role-based access control. The important advantages this approach provides are explained, and scripts are included to show a sample implementation.

Whitepaper: A Process-based Approach to Protecting Privileged Accounts

by SymarkAug 08, 2008

This paper discusses best practices for privileged account access management and privileged password management (PPM), and shows how the Symark PowerKeeper appliance creates a �defense in depth� across the IT portfolio. PowerKeeper is a secure, hardened appliance that provides both a mechanism and a �process� to ensure best practices to secure and control access to any accounts deemed �privileged� or sensitive and thus sharply reduce the likelihood of fraud or theft of proprietary data. Because the damage from a security breach is felt across the organization, PowerKeeper's role in risk management is also discussed. PowerKeeper serves as a vital component in moving an organization away from a �trust-based� system that is often exploited to a more secure process-based system that will increase security and foster compliance.

Demo: PowerBroker Demo

by SymarkAug 01, 2008

Symark PowerBroker is a policy-driven, root account access control application that provides granular privileged access delegation, detailed logging and reporting, and centralized administration across heterogeneous UNIX and Linux environments. It provides UNIX and Linux security and accountability by enabling system administrators to delegate administrative privileges and authorization without disclosing the root password and to grant selective access to UNIX and Linux-based corporate resources. Administrators can create powerful and granular security policies in PowerBroker to restrict user access to specific applications, commands and files. All activities are recorded, down to the keystroke level if required. This enables a secure audit trail of every root occurrence, and helps organizations to meet their needs for accountability and enforcement of access controls required by government and industry-specific compliance initiatives. PowerBroker is available for a Free 30 day trial.

Demo: Symark PowerPassword Demonstration

by SymarkAug 01, 2008

Symark PowerPassword is an identity and access management application that securely deploys and manages user accounts, passwords, and login policies across heterogeneous Unix/Linux environments, while keeping a centralized audit trail of all related activities. PowerPassword provides more secure user management compared to NIS/NIS+ or LDAP environments. PowerPassword enforces highly secure password policies to secure UNIX/Linux authentication. PowerPassword's login policies enforce access control to all hosts in the Unix/Linux network who may log in, to/from which host, when, and using what method (telnet, rlogin, ssh, ftp, su, etc.).

Demo: PowerAdvantage Demo

by SymarkAug 01, 2008

Symark PowerAdvantage is a Microsoft Active Directory-centric identity management application that provides integrated authentication and configuration to extend Active Directory functionality to UNIX and Linux systems. PowerADvantage also leverages Microsoft Group Policy Objects (GPO) to deliver targeted configurations to computers and users. PowerADvantage delivers a single, centralized management solution that reduces administrative overhead, while helping your organization strengthen security policies, increase productivity, and support compliance requirements. PowerADvantage is available for a Free 30 day trial.