NewCode provides legacy migration tools for VB6, RPG and Oracle Forms providing architected migration to .NET, J2EE and SOA. NewCode's model-driven, transformation approach enables structured applications to be re-modelled into object-oriented together with a variety of re-engineering tasks prior to code generation of the target application. This enables enterprises to transform and modernize their software rather than rewrite it from scratch; retaining the significant investment in business knowledge that has been built up over a period of time.

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Whitepaper: Migrating Visual Basic Applications to VB.NET

by NewCodeJan 01, 2001

The problem with Visual Basic legacy migration tools today is that a line-by-line conversion will not be able to create the object-oriented style of programming that is at the heart of .NET programming. The convential approach to legacy migration is now changing. In this whitepaper, NewCode introduces an architected approach to VB migration, empowering users to re-engineer application structures on models and target frameworks, prior to .NET code generation.