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Whitepaper: Symbian Smartphones For The Enterprise

by SymbianJan 01, 2008

Symbian OS provides a complete offering for the Enterprise. The platform is supported by nearly all the major players in the mobile computing industry. Because so many workers need mobile phones anyway, and will already be leaning towards more powerful smartphones, costs are minimized. The phones can be readily integrated into existing enterprise information systems, whether through off-the-shelf or customized approaches. And most important of all, Symbian OS based smartphones offer the enterprise an unparalleled opportunity to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Whitepaper: The Workflow of C++ Game Development

by SymbianJan 01, 2008

This white paper from Symbian describes the experience that was gained during the development of a location-based adventure game for Symbian OS. It aims to aid new developers in getting to grips with Symbian OS. Even though the situation is changing, a developer for mobile phones is still some kind of a pioneer. Symbian OS is still rather new, compared to the other development platforms which have been around for a much longer time.