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Whitepaper: The Relationship Between Wireless Security & Management

by AirWave WirelessJul 22, 2008

The most common cause of security vulnerabilities is improper adminstrative access and lack of centralized policy control. One way to help is to establish "need to know" administrative policies and define privileges by job role and by network segment. Misconfigured access points in your WLAN is another Achilles' heel of security. Combat this by automating your configuration audits against the entire configuration of each AP device. Maintain an accurate inventory of your WLAN infrastructure to guard against lost APs. Finally, track and locate lost and stolen devices.

Whitepaper: Wireless Security and Management: New Challenges, New Opportunities

by AirWave WirelessApr 29, 2008

From improper administrative access to stolen and lost devices, common wireless security vulnerabilities must be addressed to ensure proper management.