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Bloxx Inc., the enterprise Web filtering company, offers appliance-based Web filtering for medium and large organizations in both the business and public sectors. Established in 1999, Bloxx is a privately held company with offices in the U.S., U.K., The Netherlands, and Australia. In 2007, it was recognized by Deloitte as one of the U.K.'s Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in its prestigious "Fast 50." The Bloxx Web filter is a dynamic content filtering solution that uses industry-leading Tru-View Technology to analyze, categorize and filter Web sites in real time and helps organizations proactively manage user access to Web content to help increase productivity, reduce risk and liability and improve internet security, while significantly reducing IT costs.

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Whitepaper: Bloxx Internet Filtering Proves Best Fit for Easton-Bell Sports

by Bloxx, Inc.Oct 07, 2008

Easton-Bell Sports was growing increasingly concerned about its bandwidth consumption, as well as the time IT staff members were spending removing malware from employees' computers. In addition, upper management was eager to assess employee Internet use and its affect on productivity. The rising importance of these issues caused the company to seek out a cost-effective Internet filtering solution.

After extensively evaluating a number of different web filtering solutions, Easton-Bell Sports' Network Operations Manager, Matt Baskett, and his team selected Bloxx's web filtering appliance as the most satisfying solution for EBS. It is a dynamic content filtering solution that uses industry-leading Tru-View Technology to analyze, categorize and filter websites in real time. The all-in-one Bloxx appliance includes: Web filtering; reporting tools; caching; IM and P2P control, malware blocking, and anonymous proxy filtering capabilities.

"With roughly 1000 users being tracked, we have noticed a significant reduction in bandwidth consumption � it has been reduced by almost half," says Baskett, who references two correlative results: bandwidth cost savings and decreased network latency. In addition, with employee no longer spending their time on YouTube or viewing other streaming media, staff productivity has improved considerably.

After heightening its network security, Easton-Bell Sports now blocks malicious software and advertising, and, in turn, has significantly reduced IT management time spent on these problems.

Whitepaper: Productivity, Internet Abuse, and How to Improve One by Eliminating the Other

by Bloxx, Inc.Oct 07, 2008

The Web can be an incredible business tool, and a potential threat. The change that the Internet has and will continue to produce in the world marketplace - and in life in general - is certainly comparable to revolutionary innovations in the past, such as the introduction of automobiles or even the printing press.

This white paper, however, will not focus on Internet highlights, but on some of the considerable downsides-and how to eliminate them. Specifically, we will discuss the effect of Internet abuse on employee productivity, which is huge and not fully appreciated. We will then examine the best strategies and technologies to combat abuse so that organizations can enhance the Internet as a tool and remove its potential as a productivity curse.

Whitepaper: Woods Services Gain Advanced Web Filtering Technology with Bloxx

by Bloxx, Inc.Oct 06, 2008

This case study shows how the Bloxx Web Filtering appliance with Tru-View Technology proved to be the most efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution for Woods Services, who had been struggling to manage two web filtering solutions to monitor the online activity of students, residents and staff. Automatic updates to the URL database and upgrades frequently failed to occur, leaving IT staff to manually update the system, and ultimately drained IT resources. Students were also finding ways to use anonymous proxies to bypass the solutions in place. These factors led Woods to seek out a new solution.

The Bloxx Web filtering appliance with Tru-View Technology combines the best of traditional methods with its patented language analysis and intelligent identification techniques, providing three levels of protection. Performing a live analysis and real time categorization of Web pages, the Bloxx appliances are quicker and more accurate than traditional Web filters that use only manual classifications of URLs and keywords. This means that even if the Web page is not in the URL database, or if access is attempted via an anonymous proxy, the page will still be analyzed and classified to protect the user from inappropriate material.

These features addressed Woods Services� concerns and convinced it to install two Bloxx TVT-1250HA Web filtering appliances to monitor and manage both of the facility�s Internet connections.

Research Report: Bloxx Tru-View Technology Web Filter Technology Audit - The Butler Group

by Bloxx, Inc.Oct 06, 2008

An analysis of Bloxx Tru-View Technology by Butler Group, a Datamonitor company, shows how The Bloxx approach to Web filtering takes into account the value that can be gained from URL, keyword scanning, and listing approaches, and then provides additional layers of analytical intelligence over the top of these first and second generation Web filtering approaches.

Bloxx TVT provides a third generation Web filtering solution that goes beyond the functional capabilities of traditional first and second generation Web filtering approaches. The solution's decision-making processes to allow or deny user access to requested Web pages are not dependant on any one single dimensional approach. The TVT solution performs a contextual analysis of Web pages that users� request, classifying the pages in real time, and then making an allow or deny decision that is based on the policy of the organisation and the user�s own privilege ratings within the organisation.

In Butler Group�s opinion, the Bloxx multi-layered approach to Web protection is well positioned to cater for the needs of organisations with a requirement for policy and rules-based Web filtering that can be tailored to meet the usage demands of differing groups and individuals. Most importantly, while Bloxx continuously updates its database of blocked URLs and these updates are made available to customers on a daily basis, the company does not overly rely on this database as some of its mainstream competitors do.

Whitepaper: Anonymous Proxy: A Growing Trend in Internet Abuse, and How to Defeat it

by Bloxx, Inc.Oct 03, 2008

Anonymous proxies are an unseen threat - a student's or employee's backdoor to malicious or productivity-sapping sites on the Internet. If your URL filtering solution relies on the old-school URL database/keyword approach, your ship is leaking and you may not see the holes.

With hundreds of new proxy sites created each day, traditional URL filtering just can't keep up, even when supplemented by standard keyword analysis. What follows is a primer on the problems, the sizable costs and time drain for IT professionals, and a discussion of an effective third-generation solution that goes far beyond the traditional strategy.