Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX) helps customers control their networks. Infoblox solutions help businesses automate complex network control functions to reduce costs and increase security and uptime. Our technology enables automatic discovery, real-time configuration and change management and compliance for network infrastructure, as well as critical network control functions such as DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) for applications and endpoint devices. Infoblox solutions help over 7,100 enterprises and service providers in 25 countries control their networks.

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Webcast: Enterprise-grade Amazon Web Services Deployments – Is Your Organization Ready?

by InfobloxAug 20, 2015

There are typically two camps for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments: the cloud/application team that loves the ease and speed of deploying new instances and the network/IT team that hates the lack of control and reduced visibility. AWS deployments are growing, but they will never be enterprise-grade unless the entire organization cohesively works together.

Join us to learn about best practices for AWS EC2 deployments. Topics will include:

  • Understanding the needs of different groups across IT
  • Ensuring network visibility for spun-up and spun-down AWS resources
  • Eliminating handoffs between the server and network teams
  • Reducing risk for IP address and DNS record provisioning across AWS

Webcast: Are you prepared for the Internet of Things?

by InfobloxApr 30, 2015

Technology pundits say that the Internet of Things will revolutionize our daily lives, linking everyday objects to the Internet and giving us the ability to control and monitor our thermostats, appliances, cars, and much more.  But is the Internet ready for the influx of new devices?  Do we have the address space to accommodate them?  Can we connect them securely?

Infoblox commissioned a survey of networking professionals in the U.S. and U.K. and asked them about IoT preparedness, and you might be surprised what they said. 

During this session you will hear the results of this survey as well as:

-  Requirements for implementing IoT

-  How IoT effects the network

-  Recommendations for IT Managers

Tune in to this webinar for a discussion of the challenges the Internet of Things poses to enterprise networks and advice on how best to prepare for the onslaught.


Whitepaper: How to Get the Most out of DNS in an Active Directory Environment

by InfobloxJun 01, 2014

By enhancing DNS services provided to Active Directory (AD), IT organizations see immediate benefits in performance, speed, and accuracy of data across DNS and AD. Read this white paper to learn how to transform your Microsoft environment today.

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Successful IP Address Management (IPAM)

by InfobloxJun 01, 2014

With trends like virtualization and BYOD making networks more complex, the need for accurate and dynamic IP address management (IPAM) is growing. Learn how to implement an IPAM solution that centralizes information to create highly efficient teams.

Whitepaper: Creating the Best-of-Breed DDI Solution in a Microsoft Environment

by InfobloxMay 16, 2014

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is great for managing Microsoft tools. But in the age of virtualization, cloud, and mobility, you need best-in-class DNS and DHCP management utilities for core network services. That's why 1000's of network teams have added Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) to their Microsoft environment. By doing so, they enhance the availability, manageability, security, and efficiency of their networks. Read this white paper to learn how adding Infoblox DDI to your Microsoft environment can improve visibility and management of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM processes. In addition, beef up your security and enhance reporting while automating your network for virtualization and cloud. Transform your Microsoft environment into a best-of-breed DDI solution-without any changes to your Microsoft AD by implementing Infoblox. Read this white paper today and get ready to gain the benefits of best-of-breed DDI management.

Whitepaper: Designing a Secure DNS Architecture

by InfobloxMay 16, 2014

In today's networking landscape, it is no longer adequate to have a DNS infrastructure that simply responds to queries. What is needed is an integrated self-protecting DNS architecture that also enables smart growth. DNS is essential to any organization. Without a working DNS protocol, it would be almost impossible to have an Internet of Things that communicate with each other. Without a proper DNS infrastructure, your organization would not have a presence in cyberspace. Ecommerce companies would not be able to sell their services. Even brick-and-mortar companies need DNS servers to advertise their products. In short, the Internet as we know it would not exist. Designing a scalable and secure DNS architecture requires more than increased bandwidth and QPS. Read this white paper to learn how to build a comprehensive, secure, and scalable DNS solution that ensures availability of essential infrastructure enabling your organization to both grow and protect itself.

Whitepaper: Protecting DNS Infrastructure-Inside and Out

by InfobloxFeb 20, 2014

DNS has become a key part of enterprise networks and is used constantly to perform business-critical functions. Unfortunately, it has been largely overlooked in efforts to protect IT infrastructures and is increasingly targeted by hackers. A comprehensive solution is now available to protect against both types of attacks that exploit DNS-attacks from outside aimed at bringing the network down, and attempts by malware planted on internal servers to exfiltrate sensitive information. Read this white paper to learn the necessary techniques to defend your network against DNS-based attacks. Traditional security measures such as next-generation firewalls, secure web gateways, and incident detection and prevention systems won't shield your infrastructure from this burgeoning attack vector. Get ahead of the cybercriminals who are making the news with their destructive exploits; and learn how to protect your DNS today.

Whitepaper: A Cybercriminal's Guide to Exploiting DNS for Fun and Profit

by InfobloxFeb 20, 2014

Stories about devastating cyberattacks are plaguing the news every week. You might be thinking your network is secure. You have a sophisticated, layered, defense-in-depth strategy in place. Your customer data-and your business reputation-are undoubtedly secure, but is it? Take a look at yourself through the eyes of the cybercriminals who are making today's headlines. They know that there is a hole in most defenses and how to exploit it. Carrying out a DNS attack is relatively simple for the bad guys because the DNS protocol is easy to exploit. Additionally, there are dozens of types of DNS attacks for them to choose from. These attacks can be used to hijack your systems, steal your data (or your customers' money), or bring your business to a screeching halt. For a look at a serious and deadly threat, read this white paper; and see your network the way hackers do-as an easy target. Learn how you can effectively secure your external and internal DNS infrastructure today.