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First Trace is a global provider of document management and process management solutions exclusively for the Engineering Enterprise. The document management marketplace is rapidly evolving as organizations search for ways to reduce both costs and risks. Our vision for addressing this market evolution is unique in the industry; it is the first to address the document management needs of the entire enterprise. Our KinnosaONE product family contains multiple product lines, each designed to address where you currently are in that evolution. As your needs evolve so can your KinnosaONE solution, protecting your investment and minimizing your costs along the way. We market and deliver KinnosaONE through strong partnerships with system integrators, solution providers, and own direct sales team. We are an international company, with customers in more than 9 countries. Our customers include some of the largest global corporations such as Bombardier Aerospace, Ford Motor Company, Accuride and Georgia Pacific.

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Whitepaper: Hidden ROI: Examining Engineering Processes To Improve The Bottom Line

by First Trace, Inc.Oct 13, 2008

As a business owner or member of upper management in your organization, there is no more important task than to identify opportunities that increase your organization�s bottom line. This white paper is the first installment in First Trace�s Management Series and written from the perspective of upper management. The white paper provides suggestions for executives where risks and costs can be reduced in the typical Engineering Enterprise.