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Traffix Systems provides Next Generation Control Plane and Diameter solutions that enable to bridge and secure NGN and Legacy networks and to connect network functionality across different wireline and wireless technologies. Traffix is leading the Next Generation Control Plane and Diameter market, with more than 100 vendors and service providers customers.

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Whitepaper: Traffix Diameter Gateway

by Traffix SystemsAug 01, 2008

The Rosetta Diameter Gateway enables service providers to exchange control and AAA information directly between various legacy protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP and HTTP and Diameter based Next Generation Networks. The Rosetta Gateway can be used in various IMS and NGN deployments to facilitate integration, reduce costs, increase revenues and provide services that would not be possible otherwise.

Whitepaper: Diameter Protocol Stack

by Traffix SystemsAug 01, 2008

The OpenBloX is Traffix's Diameter stack. It is a full implementation of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Diameter based protocol (RFC 3588) and is comprised of 3GPP, 3GPP2 and ETSI Diameter protocol interfaces and applications. The OpenBloX Diameter stack is a full Diameter implementation, consisting of both the mandatory and optional parts of the Diameter protocol. It offers a full client, server and agents Diameter protocol implementation and supports the entire set of Diameter protocol interfaces such as the Rf, Ro, CC, Sh, Cx and Gx Diameter protocol interfaces.