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LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity and support solutions to small businesses, IT service providers and consumers. Businesses and IT service providers use LogMeIn's solutions to deliver remote end-user support and to access and manage computers and other Internet-enabled devices more effectively and efficiently. Consumers and mobile workers use our solutions to access computer resources remotely, thereby facilitating their mobility and increasing their productivity. Our solutions, which are deployed on-demand and accessible through a Web browser, are secure, scalable and easy for our customers to try, purchase and use. Since our inception, our users have connected over 50 million computers and other Internet-enabled devices to a LogMeIn service.

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Latest Content From LogMeIn

E-Book: Finding an Access Solution

by LogMeInFeb 24, 2020

So, you've decided your business could benefit from an access solution. Now what? To help, we've crafted a comprehensive guide to walk you through evaluating and comparing access solutions. Download the free guide to learn:

  • Core components of an effective access solution
  • Key problems an access solution should address
  • A comprehensive set of criteria for evaluating solutions
  • Best practices for implementing an access solution

E-Book: Identity 101 for Businesses

by LogMeInFeb 24, 2020

What is identity, and what do you need to know about investing in a solution? To help, we've crafted an introductory guide to explain key concepts around identity and access management, so you can feel more confident when you're ready to explore or trial an identity solution.
Download the free guide to learn:

  • why identity matters
  • How an identity solution addresses key challenges
  • The benefits you can expect from an identity solution
  • Overviews of Single Sign-On, Enterprise Password Management, and Multifactor Authentication

E-Book: Global Password Security Report

by LogMeInFeb 24, 2020

LastPass has analyzed over 47,000 businesses to bring you insights into security behavior worldwide. The takeaway is clear: Use of important security measures like multifactor authentication is up, but the continued reality of poor password hygiene still hampers many business' ability to achieve high standards of security. Download the free report today to see the current state of password security, access, and authentication — and learn what you can do today to better secure your company.

E-Book: SMB's Guide to Modern Identity

by LogMeInFeb 24, 2020

LastPass commissioned the market research firm Vanson Bourne to offer insights into the state of identity today. We surveyed 700 IT and security professionals at organizations ranging from 250-2,999 employees across a range of industries and countries.
Download this guide to:

  • Learn about various identity technologies
  • Understand the challenges, risks, & priorities for managing identity in the modern workplace
  • Gain clarity and actionable steps to further improve your organizations IAM program

Whitepaper: 5 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Remote Support Solution

by LogMeInDec 10, 2018

Choosing the best remote support solution is challenging as user expectations grow and systems become more complex. We share the 5 factors you need to consider when evaluating a new solution to help you on your journey.

As a bonus, you will also get a useful checklist to help you compare various solutions.

Whitepaper: Fact vs. Fiction: Mobile Support

by LogMeInDec 10, 2018

With a long history of supporting desktop computers and laptop devices, IT and technical support organizations often discount the need to offer services for mobile devices. This type of thinking can be dangerous. Find out the fact from fiction today.

Whitepaper: Uncovering the Harsh Realities of Endpoint Management

by LogMeInOct 17, 2018

Bridging the gaps in multi-device security - LogMeIn surveyed 1,000 IT professionals about the security landscape and uncovered market trends and business threats driving the need to make endpoint management a top priority.

Whitepaper: Endpoint Management Buyer’s Guide

by LogMeInOct 17, 2018

This comprehensive guide shares how to evaluate, compare, and choose an endpoint management solution. It will cover questions to shape your search, product criteria, and best practices.

Research Report: IDC Report: Endpoint Management Challenges Posed by Today’s Cyberthreats

by LogMeInOct 17, 2018

To learn more about the current state of IT infrastructure, we reached out to an IDC Analyst, Phil Hochmuth, and asked him to evaluate 5 key questions related to effectively managing one's IT infrastructure in today's security landscape.

Whitepaper: The Surprising State of IT Security

by LogMeInOct 17, 2018

Read a research study on what 500 IT professionals had to say on everything related to anti-virus and security management — their current processes, challenges, and overall take on the overwhelming task of protecting their computers and customers from threats.