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WAND, Inc. is a leading provider of structured product and service and industry vocabularies. WAND's product and service vocabularies are used by online yellow pages, business directories, online retailers, and in enterprise search (Sharepoint, Oracle, IBM, Vivisimo) to ensure that every keyword a user enters brings back a relevant set of results and to provide a sophisticated data navigation experience. WAND's vocabularies contain 42,000+ product and service categories organized into a multi-level hierarchy. Tied to each category is a set of additional synonyms, keywords, and structured attributes for further cataloging data to a deeper level. The WAND vocabularies cover 33 industry vertical segments and are available in 12 languages.

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Podcast: Taxonomies Speed Search Process

by WAND, Inc.Jun 01, 2008

This is a basic podcast primer on taxonomies - in other words, Taxonomy 101. The podcast discusses what a taxonomy is and why taxonomies are valuable business assets for helping make information more easily found. Accompanying the general discussion of taxonomies is a brief look at the pre-built vocabularies provided by WAND covering products and services, local search, and enterprise search.