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Whitepaper: r.a.d.ajax: Time-Saving AJAX From Telerik

by telerikJan 01, 2008

This white paper discusses some of the essential differences between telerik r.a.d.ajax and other AJAX frameworks. AJAX offers applications better interactivity, smoother updates, and more sophisticated user interfaces. Unlike primitive first-generation AJAX frameworks, telerik designed r.a.d.ajax from the ground up to make life easier for the developer as well as for the end user.

Whitepaper: Enabling AJAX in ASP.NET With No Code

by telerikJan 01, 2008

This paper published by telerik discusses AJAX and the problems it solves as well as the problems it causes. It then looks at the AJAX features provided by telerik r.a.d.ajax and show how to implement AJAX in a sample application that needs to update multiple controls asynchronously without a complete page refresh. Finally, it describes the magic behind the product and finish with a summary of the benefits that r.a.d.ajax can bring to both new and existing ASP.NET applications.