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Whitepaper: Server Virtualization Security: 90% Process, 10% Technology

by TripwireOct 01, 2008

Server Virtualization demands updating management and security processes. You will need to revise security policies and day-to-day procedures to deal with issues such as handling virtual disks, patching offline systems, controlling access to new management tools, and enforcing configuration practices.

Whitepaper: HIPAA Security Provisions: Is Your Network Ready for a Physical?

by TripwireDec 01, 2008

If your company is subject to HIPAA, its IT systems also need a clean bill of health. To prevent a painful examination by federal regulators, you need to know what your responsibilities are and how to ensure that your network's "vital signs" are in compliance.

Whitepaper: Sustaining SOX Compliance: Best Practices to Mitigate Risk, Automate Compliance, and Reduce Costs

by TripwireDec 01, 2008

This decade of heightened compliance is driving major corporate initiatives for increased transparency, governance, accuracy and accountability throughout the enterprise. Each company must identify, track and validate all business processes to ensure that its operations are compliant. In many cases the controls required by many of these regulations and standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley must be implemented worldwide for affected companies, which may prove challenging for some organizations given cultural and legal differences overseas. . Learn how Tripwire can help your organization identify, track and validate its business processes to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Whitepaper: 7 Practical Steps for Federal Cyber Security and FISMA Compliance

by TripwireJul 15, 2009

Federal computer systems have long been a favorite target of hackers. This paper explores why federal efforts to improve security have often fallen short and how IT professionals can address this challenge. Get 7 actionable steps to improve cyber security based on a long-term study of information security organizations.

Whitepaper: Why Configuration Assessment and Change Auditing is Key to Operational Stability

by TripwireSep 15, 2009

Discover why configuration assessment followed by change auditing is key for operational stability, and that gaining visibility into all change to IT systems is the first step toward employing best practices across the organization.

Whitepaper: Proving Control of the Infrastructure

by TripwireSep 15, 2009

Find out how implementing a configuration audit and control solution is not only effective for improving IT processes, it is also good for business and fundamental to meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Experience proves that controlling change across the IT infrastructure is the best way to increase the overall reliability, availability, and security of information systems.

Whitepaper: Enforcing IT Change Management Policy

by TripwireSep 15, 2009

IT changes can affect every business process, so it's critical to know how to manage change. This whitepaper looks at how high-performing companies implement processes that deter unauthorized change, reduce service outages, and enable IT to spend less time putting out fires.

Whitepaper: Pumping Up IT Muscle Helps Nautilus Gain PCI Strength

by TripwireSep 15, 2009

Nautilus needed an automated method for meting regulatory compliance. With Tripwire Enterprise, the company could close the loop on change management processes, gain complete visibility of all changes, and had increased confidence and efficiency in its change management processes.

Whitepaper: Configuration and Change Management for IT Compliance and Risk Management: The Tripwire Approach

by TripwireSep 15, 2009

The best way to manage IT change is with a streamlined, integrated approach that allows approved changes to occur efficiently while preventing accidental changes or "drifts away" from configuration settings. Check out this IDC whitepaper to learn how Tripwire solutions supports best practices for change management in most IT environments.

Whitepaper: Configuration Audit and Control: 10 Critical Factors to CCM Success

by TripwireOct 19, 2009

Using change and configuration tools is a great start in controlling dynamic IT environments, but you need to audit data if you truly want to enforce a change policy. This white paper discusses how to monitor change in real-time and fix problems quickly to ensure a stable, productive IT service stack.