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During the past decade, we've been solving really hard enterprise data integration and analysis problems within our business intelligence consulting practice. We came to understand the challenges that analysts face on a daily basis, because we faced them. In 2008, we founded Lyzasoft and released Lyza - our desktop data analysis software. The product has been designed by analysts and for analysts. Go ahead, give us a try. If you like our stuff, help us spread the word.

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Whitepaper: Playmarts Give Business Analysts Agility with Control

by Lyzasoft, Inc.Dec 15, 2008

One key group of potential users of business intelligence tools and data warehouse data has been seriously underserved for many years. These power business analysts resort to a mishmash of desktop productivity tools to support them in their search for innovative answers in the ever-growing jungles of enterprise data.

IT departments trying to keep control of the corporate data asset through the data warehouse architecture denounce the "spreadmarts" thus created. Indeed, business analysts