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Whitepaper: IDC: A New Path for Enterprise File Sharing with Intralinks VIA

by IntraLinksJun 17, 2013

Intralinks (ticker: IL) recently announced general availability of its new Intralinks VIA service positioned to bring enterprise capabilities to the growing world of SaaS-based collaboration and workflow. Intralinks VIA is designed for especially for firms that value enterprise-grade security and granular administration control.

IDC believes there is a strong and growing role for these services to help many organizations offer their users convenient SaaS-based sharing, while "keeping

Whitepaper: IDC Analysis: Secure, Compliant Collaboration in the Cloud

by IntraLinksMay 29, 2013

The monolithic corporation we grew up with is being replaced by ecosystems of more specialized business entities, sometimes called "extended enterprises." With this evolution has come a need for closer inter-enterprise collaboration and information flow - but with it also comes increased security and compliance risks.

In the form of a Q&A with expert IDC analysts, this white paper explores what tools and technologies are being adopted to facilitate Extended Enterprise Collaboration

Whitepaper: Sharing Sensitive Corporate Documents Without Compromising Security and Governance

by IntraLinksMay 29, 2013

SaaS-based (Software as a Service) collaboration and information sharing repositories are paramount for secure file/document sharing - yet, not all GCs are truly aware of the benefits they can bring to an organization.

In this white paper, discover the value these solutions create in terms of security and compliance - with a focus on how they dramatically enhance the legal department's oversight, while simplifying e-discovery and making the e-discovery process more efficient than in

Whitepaper: Securing Cloud Computing for Enterprise Collaboration

by IntraLinksMay 29, 2013

Ensuring the security of confidential, sensitive information is an essential element of enterprise Security and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance programs. Regulations, such as the HIPAA, FDA, and SOX, place significant requirements on organizations for securely sharing sensitive data such as confidential personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI).

In this Q&A format, Intralinks mobile file sharing solutions that enable security professionals

Whitepaper: One Size Does Not Fit All: A Closer Look at Enterprise Application Integration Technology

by IntraLinksJun 17, 2010

To fully enable true, enterprise-wide collaboration, businesses require seamless connection of numerous and diverse systems, information and processes. The critical systems that run an enterprise must also integrate with those of their customers, suppliers and trading partners to enable quick adaptation while maintaining and even improving the quality of existing services.

By using a flexible integration approach to link these systems, organizations can help their employees be more

Whitepaper: Leveraging Today's Enterprise SaaS Content Management Solutions to Support Secure Document Exchange

by IntraLinksJan 01, 2009

To maintain a competitive edge and meet corporate objectives, businesses of all sizes must communicate more effectively with a globally-dispersed network of employees and external partners, including advisors, investors, suppliers, customers. These trends are driving companies to seek new methods of encouraging collaboration beyond the four walls of the traditional workplace.

Document management tools that support streamlined processes while also satisfying information protection,

Whitepaper: Why a New Generation of Enterprise Content Management Solutions Are Emerging to Meet the Need for Secure Document Exchange

by IntraLinksJan 01, 2009

Does your business share a high volume of proprietary information with external parties? Will tools enabling a streamlined process and meeting information protection, security and compliance requirements help you get more done with less? Would you consider a solution that meets these criteria and facilitates fast, easy and cost-effective implementation? If you answer yes, to these questions, read on.

This white paper series examines the business drivers behind the growth of online