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Univa UD is the leading provider of high-performance computing systems management and data center automation software. Our products simplify the complex nature of deploying and operating HPC and data center environments, saving customers' time and resources while giving them confidence that their solution will perform as expected. Hundreds of market-leading companies come to Univa UD to build and operate their production infrastructures, from workgroup clusters to enterprise grids to dynamic data center provisioning. With a focus on making business easier for our customers, Univa UD is advancing the vision and practice of HPC and data center virtualization. For more information please visit

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Whitepaper: Benchmarking Application Performance in a Virtual Environment

by Univa UDMar 30, 2010

Summary of Lab and Customer Application Performance Metrics in a Virtual Environment

The popular view is that technical computing and virtualization do not mix. Download this whitepaper to get the real story.

This whitepaper benchmarks the performance variation introduced by virtualization using Univa UniCloud Software on Intel� processors. The results are startling and clearly reveal that the performance penalty of virtualization is marginal in many cases. In fact, the results showed less than a two percent slowdown and in some cases performance actually improved in a virtual environment. The application benchmarks are from end users who openly shared the results of running their applications in a virtualized environment. The tests were run on Oracle VM production systems utilizing Intel Nehalem and 5400 series processors, with UniCloud managing the environment.

Whitepaper: Private Cloud ROI Case Study with Intel and Univa

by Univa UDSep 30, 2009

How can Private Cloud technology benefit you? Find out in this new case study and ROI analysis which describes the benefits Corus Automotive, a major European steelmaker, has received due to an Intel and Univa infrastructure transformation.

Corus is using Intel Nehalem processors and Univa UD software used to create a private cloud to run its technical computing applications and streamline its data management and storage processes. These applications allow an elite team of Corus researchers to design and virtually test materials and auto components in simulated crashes.

Quantified benefit areas include:
> Reduced power consumption
> Improved performance
> Reduced hardware footprint
> Improved research productivity
> More efficient monitoring
> More cost-effective hardware and software
> Streamlined support

The infrastructure transformation was launched in March 2009 and planned to take 18-24 months to implement all four stages. At the September 2009 date of publication of this research document, the project has achieved significant benefits and continues to move forward.

Whitepaper: Amazon's EC2 Cloud Building: HPC Clusters in the Cloud

by Univa UDApr 02, 2009

Find out how Pathwork Diagnostics leveraged UniCloud to meet peak processing needs � saving on CAPEX and OPEX while increasing the capacity to innovate.

A few highlights from the case study:
�"Our challenge was a perfect fit for cloud computing."

�"Without UniCloud, some of our most advanced research would simply not be feasible."

�"We're getting exactly what we need. We pay for HPC power only when we use it, using a cluster management system that's easy to use."

�"The decision to use UniCloud was basically a no-brainer.

�"UniCloud minimizes both our initial and long-term investments in HPC."

Whitepaper: Transforming Disparate Applications into a Web-Based, SOI-Compliant Data Access Environment for the Enterprise

by Univa UDMar 02, 2009

Boost efficiencies in job submission by eliminating human error, resulting in higher application user productivity!

The makeup of today's data center is an extremely complex mixture of computer hardware, high-speed interconnects, storage, Operating Systems, and many commercial as well as open-source applications - each with its own GUI.

Download this whitepaper to see how IT managers can transform this complex mixture of hardware and software into a user-friendly portal - an on-demand, web-based data access environment with a Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI).