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Whitepaper: Improving Cellular Coverage With Indoor Antenna Systems

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Nov 13, 2008

A presentation by dBrn Associates on the challenges of indoor cellular coverage and potential solutions for improvement.

Whitepaper: Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Hows And Whys

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Nov 11, 2008

To what extent is fixed mobile convergence really ready for prime time? What vertical markets or applications are the most likely targets for FMC? dBrn highlights various aspects of FMC, and discusses its future, in this presentation.

Whitepaper: Infrastructure And Security Planning For WLANs

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Nov 11, 2008

Michael F. Finneran, Principal, dBrn Associates, discusses802.11, WLANs, WiFi, WLAN switching options, security, WEP, and more in this recent presentation.

Whitepaper: Design Issues for Voice-Capable WLANs

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Mar 20, 2008

Voice over wireless LANs (VoWLANs) require such things as pervasive coverage and quality of service, among other factors. This white paper examines such requirements and whether a voice-capable WLAN can be deployed in a cost-effective manner.

Whitepaper: Mobile Security

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Mar 20, 2008

What are the major security threats for wireless LANs today? How do you mitigate these? What standards and technologies are relevant in WLAN security? dBrn Associates investigates mobile security in this presentation.

Whitepaper: Wireless Technology Update

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Mar 18, 2008

The range of mobility options is exploding with the introduction of new wireless services and technologies. However, as the collapse of the Muni Wi-Fi business has demonstrated, success is difficult to achieve in deploying radio-based networks, and the wireless business has seen more losers than winners. This presentation discusses some of the major developments in the wireless arena, where they fit, and when and how they will be a factor in enterprise networks.

Whitepaper: Fixed/Mobile Convergence: What's Real For The Enterprise?

by dBrn Associates, Inc.Mar 18, 2008

here are lots of different ways to do fixed/mobile convergence. Each solution addresses a different set of perceived problems and provides a different set of capabilities. It is important that you understand what you are getting, the costs involved, and to be able to discuss these various solutions and their benefits with your users. dBrn explores FMC in this presentation.