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SAP is the world's leading provider of business software, offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes and in more than 25 industries to become best-run businesses. With more than 82,000 customers in over 120 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE, under the symbol "SAP."

The SAP BusinessObjects portfolio transforms the way the world works by connecting people, information and businesses. With open, heterogeneous solutions in the areas of business intelligence, information management, governance, risk and compliance, and enterprise performance management, the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio enables organizations to close the gap between business strategy and execution.

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Whitepaper: Data Mart Consolidation and Business Intelligence Standardization: Getting the Most Value Out of Information

by SAP Business ObjectsMar 31, 2009

The competitive value of data that is accurate and accessible to all its stakeholders (customers, business partners, vendors, and others) is critical to strategic success.

Utilizing cross functional enterprise data lies at the core of this strategy.

Organizations can gain a cross-functional view of data and realize greater business value through the consolidation of data marts, operational data stores and other information sources, combined with the standardization of business intelligence (BI) tools that access this information.

Among the key benefits of launching a data mart consolidation and BI standardization strategy are cost savings, cost avoidance and better return on IT investments. But, by far, the greatest value is the improved decision making that drives competitive differentiation.

To improve the productivity of employees and make fast, more informed decisions that makes you rise above the competition, download this whitepaper now.