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Double-Take Software is the standard in data protection for Microsoft Windows applications and provides accessible and affordable data replication and failover solutions for disaster recovery, high availability and centralized backup. With its partner programs and professional services, Double-Take Software is the solution of choice for over ten thousand customers, from SMEs to the Fortune 500, in the banking, finance, legal, retail, manufacturing, government, education and healthcare markets.

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Whitepaper: Enhancing Operational Recovery with Continuous Data Protection

by Double Take SoftwareJan 29, 2009

When an organization depends on its data, the challenge is to be able to recover that data with the minimal amount of data loss and in the shortest possible time should the unimaginable happen. While most organizations focus on disaster recovery so they can resume operations quickly after a major outage, it is important for those organizations to excel at operational recovery in order to have a complete business continuity plan.

This white paper addresses the current challenges for operational recovery and introduces a fast and efficient software-based Continuous Data Protection (CDP) product, TimeData, which allows companies to easily recover their data from any point in time. When recoverability matters, depend on Double-Take Software to protect and recover business critical data and applications.

Whitepaper: More Functionality, Less Infrastructure

by Double Take SoftwareJan 29, 2009

Download this free whitepaper to learn about netBoot/i - a cost-effective and flexible solution that will allow you to better manage desktops or servers by booting them from images stored on any iSCSI storage area network. Centralizing these workloads onto shared storage enables quicker provisioning, simpler migration and the ability to maintain operating systems and software on a handful of images rather than across hundreds or thousands of systems. When recoverability matters, depend on Double-Take Software to dynamically move, protect, and recover your critical applications.