Migratory Data Systems

Migratory Data Systems is a provider of real-time technologies and services.

Migratory is the creator of the industry's most scalable high performance real-time web publishing technology that scales up to 500,000 concurrent users from one server instance. Based on this technology, Migratory offers RMDS2WEB Server, an off-the-shelf platform that publishes in real-time financial information and news from any Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) to any standard web browser - including iPhone - with zero installation on the client side.

Migratory's customers include some of the world's largest financial institutions and prestigious technology firms.

Our Website: http://www.migratory.ro

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Whitepaper: Migratory's RMDS2Web Provides Scalable Platform for Live Online Publishing

by Migratory Data SystemsJan 25, 2009

Migratory Data Systems' RMDS2Web real-time Web delivery platform enables institutions to quickly create live financial portals. The RMDS2Web platform consists of PushEngine, an HTTP streaming server; DataSource, a server that provides PushEngine with data from RMDS systems and Reuters feeds; and JSLIB, a JavaScript API for accessing PushEngine in order to enrich Web pages with real-time content. .