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Whitepaper: Accenture Bundled Outsourcing Services

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

Outsourcing is becoming an integral part of a strategy to achieve high performance. Bundled outsourcing is an innovative approach to outsourcing that consolidates multiple business functions with a single service provider. It can provide more significant and immediate cost savings and greater speed to value. It allows an organization to continuously drive down costs, improve performance and gain global competitive advantages. Bundled outsourcing also addresses the challenge of managing multiple providers and contacts. It is easier to manage and measure because it creates standardized, repeatable processes under one integrated governance structure that ensures maximum performance at lower sustained costs.

Whitepaper: Business Process And IT Outsourcing: Big Companies, Big Deals

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

In this white paper the author talks about business process and IT outsourcing with big companies. It describes how a global industry has emerged based upon Indian companies and the worldwide expansion of US-based multinationals that contract for services in dozens of locations, in virtually all time zones. The paper provides a brief synopsis that attempts to cover the motivations behind these trends, how large companies do it, why they do it, and the legacies they leave.

Whitepaper: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): A New Paradigm for Information Management

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

Making an investment in data warehousing is more than just data housekeeping. By partnering RFID with good data warehouse capabilities, companies are better able to serve their customers and generate opportunities to drive high performance in their business. Despite being a breakthrough in engineering faster, and having more detailed information, it almost seems as if companies have broadly avoided embracing RFID practices.

Whitepaper: An Integrated View of the Customer

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

The increased sophistication of the consumer and the technology used by the consumer, success in today�s environment is reached not by buying a software application or preaching to the buzzwords of CRM and customer insight� but by practicing the techniques to create a customer-centric organization.

This is the future in which marketing, sales, customer service and IT all work together to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all channels. It�s a future in which the analytical, creative and operational marketing capabilities are integrated to enhance customer value and spark intelligent, profitable interactions with every customer across every channel.

Whitepaper: Analytics: See the Opportunity - But Don't Ignore the Pitfalls Along the Way

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

This intelligent shopping cart already exists - though up to now it has been pushed round an Accenture research laboratory near Nice rather than the local supermarket. But this technology will eventually come to a retail outlet. And when it does, it will work by applying sophisticated real-time analytics to business intelligence drawn from accurate, timely and accessible transaction data. Anyone who doubts that analytics can drive high performance should look no further than a well-known example: Tesco. Back in 1995, Tesco asked the ""Relevance marketing"" specialists dunnhumby to help launch its new Clubcard scheme.

Whitepaper: How Portals Enhance Business Performance

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

Portals are very much on the minds of business and government leaders. According to Gartner, many surveys conducted in 2005 show enterprise portals on CIOs’ lists of top ten technology focus areas. Forrester Research reports strong growth in portal development and usage, especially in financial services, retail and government. And the own work confirms this trend: business and government requests for the help with portals are increasing substantially year to year.

Whitepaper: Achieving High Performance Through Improved Sales Force Productivity: The Role Of Incentive Management

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

After several years of customer relationship management investments focused primarily on cost-cutting, companies now are beginning to think seriously about acquiring new customers and expanding market share. This paper published by Accenture describes the global economy emerges from its three-year slumber; pressure builds for companies everywhere to reinvigorate their growth as they strive for high performance. The most critical component of that engine is the sales force which, more than any function, often means the difference between capitalizing on growth opportunities and accepting the scraps left behind by market leaders.

Whitepaper: Increase The Productivity Of Your Sales Organization?: To Do So You Need To Increase Their Confidence

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

Although improved sales force automation capabilities have increased the awareness of the sales force of recorded sales credits and deal mechanics at the point of booking, the rationale behind the accounting that results in the number on their paychecks often remains a mystery. An optimized incentive management capability delivers frequent and detailed reporting, self-service tools and access to detailed compensation information, with full traceability from strategy to plan to deal transaction(s) and paycheck.

Whitepaper: Accenture Report: mySAP Utilities on NetApp Filers

by AccentureJan 01, 2008

This paper from Accenture contains a summary of the mySAP Utilities on NetApp filers benchmark project conducted by Accenture. Additional details regarding this project are available. Accenture is the world’s leading management consulting and technology services organization. As a founding member of the Partner Network, Accenture has worked directly with SAP to develop and enhance solutions. Accenture has received the SAP Award of Excellence on numerous occasions and has helped implement more than 1,000 SAP software solutions.

Whitepaper: Riding the Next Wave: Keys to High Performance in an Expanding Global Wealth Management Market

by AccentureJun 01, 2008

The amount of accumulated global wealth is rising rapidly. This is especially true in emerging markets as a result of the rise of the multi-polar world�a world in which economic might emanates from multiple points around the globe, not just in traditional centers of power. As a result, the wealth management industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of financial services.

Yet while these burgeoning assets provide tremendous opportunities for wealth management companies, they also will require that wealth managers make substantial changes across their operations to capitalize on the expanding needs of the affluent for professional money management expertise. For instance, client demands for access to an increasingly diverse and complex set of financial products means relationship managers must eventually adapt their role from investment selector to strategic advisor, tapping into a pool of experts for guidance on specific investment vehicles and other issues.

Wealth management firms also will have to change, developing a new operating model that can enable them to deliver basic products cost effectively while charging a premium for higher-value services. These organizations will find it even more important for the institution, rather than the individual, to have the relationships with clients�especially as a significant portion of relationship managers retire in the next 10 years. Accenture takes a look at the evolution of wealth around the world, as well as the changes wealth managers must make to capture a greater share of the market for growth and to achieve.