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The IQ Business Group (IQ) is a global provider of practical business solutions, utilizing seasoned expertise and innovative tools to maximize operational and technological efficiencies. Corporations around the world rely on us to provide business intelligence services that allow businesses to truly maximize their information assets and drive profitability.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise 2.0: Are You Ready For The revolution?

by IQ Business GroupJun 30, 2009

Technological advancements and social media tools are transforming the world in a way we never thought possible just a few short decades ago. Easy access to a wide variety of information and the ability to communicate anytime, anywhere have given rise to a culture that places greater demands on companies than ever before. As organizations begin to adapt to change, there has been a huge shift from the traditional top-down model of communications to one of greater flexibility, transparency, and ease. This new model is causing quite a storm´┐Ż-called Enterprise 2.0 (E.20).